Muscle mass and how it helps to burn more body fat and calories

Modern day conveniences have made our lives much more sedentary. We need to do something to burn those extra calories that are accumulating or more specifically, we need to speed up our metabolism.

Our metabolic rate is directly proportional to the activity level of our muscles and our organs. Did you know you burn approximately 50% more calories per hour when you are sitting down and reading compared to sitting down and watching TV? This is because your brain is active and burning calories to keep your thoughts in order. This explains why I was able to watch an entire series of Breaking Bad in one sitting but couldn’t stay awake for an hour long lecture in college.

Another interesting fact, and the main point of this article, is that the mere presence of muscle increases you metabolism. When running, your metabolic rate will go up and stay up as long as you keep running. When working out to build muscle mass, your metabolism works faster while you’re working out and it will be higher even while you are sitting there binge watching the next season of House of Cards on Netflix! That sounds like a better deal to me.

Although the amount of marginal calories burned from having more muscle is debatable, there is no dispute that there is an increase in fat and calories burned from having it. When you deal with financial matters such as buying a house or car you’d haggle for hours over 1%. Your workouts deserve the same attention to detail.