14 Days of High-Protein, Gluten-Free Snacks That Keep You Healthy & Energetic

For many, snacking between meals can be a dangerous time when good judgment flies out the window. You don’t have time to stop and enjoy a good meal, but you’re really hungry—“gas station” hungry. It’s so easy to grab a bag of chips, a jumbo chocolate bar, and a sugary soft drink. We know those choices aren’t healthy for us, but what other options do we have?


14 Days of  High-Protein, Gluten-Free Snacks  That Keep You Healthy & Energetic

Here are 14 tasty, healthy snacks that turn off your cravings and fire up your energy so you can keep going. Many of these options are high-protein, gluten-free and 200 calories or less.


  • Non-Fat Swiss Cheese – This cheese is one of the top protein-rich cheeses. One cup of grated non-fat swiss cheese has 28 grams of protein and 376 calories. A perfect high-protein snack. Pair with fruit or raw veggies to round out the snack.
  • Dried Pumpkin Seeds – A rich source of protein and magnesium, ¼ cup of dried pumpkin seeds delivers a full 10 grams of satisfying protein. Add them to your home-made trail mix of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit or toss them on top of a quick salad.
  • Meatballs – Whether you eat them at home or on the go, meatballs are a delicious protein snack. Make them out of ground hamburger or turkey. Four meatballs average three ounces and 180 calories. Enjoy with a healthy salsa or yummy hummus dip.


Crunchy and delicious, Roasted Soybeans pack 15 grams of protein in a 1/4 cup as well as generous amounts of fiber and potassium.


  • Roasted Soybeans – Crunchy and delicious, roasted soybeans pack 15 grams of protein in a 1/4 cup as well as a generous amount of fiber and potassium.
  • Hardboiled Eggs – Large eggs have 6 grams of protein and 72 calories. Their high-protein yolks contain about 55 of the 72 calories. Enjoy eggs with gluten-free bread or crackers. Bonus points for getting “pasture raised” eggs.

  • Greek Yogurt – Plain nonfat Greek yogurt is a protein superpower delivering 17 grams of protein and 100 calories—all in those little yogurt cups. Add pieces of fresh fruits like strawberries, bananas, and blueberries which add natural flavor and sweetness to plain yogurt.  If you don’t eat dairy, try coconut yogurt instead.

  • Chomps Natural Beef Sticks These delicious, juicy beef sticks have won the “triple crown” for healthy protein-rich snacks. Their most recent win was earning a place on the Non-GMO Project Verified list. So when you see the bright butterfly on Chomps packaging, you’ll know every ingredient is “verified non-GMO.” Additionally, Chomps Natural Beef Sticks product line was officially designated as Whole30® approved  and is also recognized as a paleo-friendly snack. Two Chomps sticks total 200 calories and 18 grams of protein.

  • Almonds/Pistachios/Cashews – These nuts pack a double nutritional wallop. A key source of healthy fats, they are also high in protein. Almonds contains 6 grams of protein (13% of total calories) per one-ounce (28 grams) serving of 161 calories. Additionally, protein represents 13% of calories in pistachios and 11% of calories in cashews. A handful of high-protein nuts is a perfect way to snack healthy on the go when you need to keep your energy going, too!

An average Chicken Breast contains
53 grams of protein which represents 80% of its 284 calories.


  • Chicken Breast –  Cook and slice a boneless, skinless chicken breast. An average chicken breast contains 53 grams of protein which represents 80% of its 284 calories.

  • High-Protein Fruit Cup – It may surprise you that some fruits are relatively high in protein, too. A fresh one-cup serving of guava provides loads of flavor and 4 grams of protein. A half-cup of delicious dried apricots contains 3 grams of protein, and one whole avocado has three grams of protein. . You’ll want to monitor your total sugar intake with fruit but they do offer a natural and convenient snack when eaten in moderation.

  • Turkey BreastA lower fat option than chicken breast, turkey is high in protein with 24 grams in one 3-ounce service of 146 calories. Enjoy convenient turkey slices with fresh fruit and a tasty hummus or salsa dip.

One cup of Milk delivers 8 grams of protein plus a little of almost every nutrient the human body needs.


  • Milk – A great source of nutritious ingredients, milk contains a little of almost every single nutrient the human body needs and is particularly high in calcium, phosphorous, and vitamin B2. As a snack, you can’t beat the convenience of this liquid protein boost. An 8-ounce cup of whole milk contains 8 grams of protein and 149 total calories, of which 21% are protein.

  • Guacamole and Veggie Sticks – Make your own easy guacamole with these scrumptious superfood.  (Combine mashed avocado, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper)

  • Cottage Cheese – Just a half cup is loaded with 13 grams of protein plus calcium for strong bones. Add fruit and cinnamon for a sweet snack or fresh veggies for a savory taste.


Chomps Natural Beef Sticks

Made from 100% grass-fed non-GMO Angus beef, Chomps Natural Beef Sticks are Non-GMO Project Verified, Whole30 approved, and paleo-diet friendly. The perfect complement to an on-the-go lifestyle. Chomps are enhanced with the down-home flavors of farm-fresh ingredients and preserved with natural celery juice. Instead of tasting like those tough-to-chew unhealthy jerky brands in supermarkets, Chomps are tender, flavorful, juicy, and free of gluten, soy, hormones, antibiotics, dairy, and MSG. “Shop the butterfly” and keep your family safe.

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