Outsmart your metabolism and shed the fat

What if I told you that you can eat the same amount of food every week as you currently do and lose weight? You don't even need to change what you eat for this to work! What we need to do is outsmart our metabolism and stay a step ahead to produce the results we are looking for. What I am referring to is the way we allocate our calories day by day. By alternating between high and low calorie days you will lose weight. So let's talk about how your body works to make this possible.

Our metabolism operate like an institution. It takes note of how much is coming in and going out and tries budget the calories we consume. If we consume 2000 calories everyday, it will probably expect 2000 calories will be consumed the following day and plan on burning 2000 calories. If one day we decide to consume 1500 calories, our metabolism will still burn 2000 calories that day. However, if it notices this is starting to be a habit, it will adjust and start burning fewer calories to stay within its budget.

So how can we leverage the our metabolisms tendencies to achieve the desired results? I’ll use foolish rockstars and athletes as an analogy. We’ve all heard of stories where they go broke as their career slows. They land the job they’ve been dreaming of since they were children and it pays extremely well. Let’s say they pull in $100K/week and now their biggest problem is figuring out how to spend it, but they usually solve that problem. Now the money flow slows down but the spending is the same. What do you think is going to happen to their savings? It’s going to dwindle pretty fast. 

In regards to our metabolism, the objective is to convince it that the flow of calories will be continue to be large. This way, when you do cut back on your caloric intake for a day, it will keep burning them just as it would on what it thinks is the normal high caloric intake day.

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