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Grains, why is there so much of it?

In my last post I mentioned how the USDA Food Pyramid is heavily influenced by various industries including the agricultural industry. The food guide in the US suggests much more grains than in other countries. If we have the smartest nutritionists in the world, then why are we so fat as a nation? Why is there so much heart disease in this country compared to others? In this article, I want to give a little history lesson on grain and why it’s in everything.

Farmers farm to make money. Because of supply and demand, it is not always in their best financial interest to grow as much as possible. Then subsidies came into the picture, and made growing more grain in the best financial interest of the farmer. The result was a lot of grain we needed to figure out what to do with, and we figured it out. We now use grain as fuel, we use grain as sweetener, we use grain as animal feed, and a portion of all the grain is also used to feed us as well.

Grains are not used because they are the best source of sugar, fuel or animal feed. They are used because we need to get rid of it. The solutions found for the excess grain problem are forced and far from natural. In addition to being unnatural, it is also very inefficient. It takes 10 calories of corn to produce 1 calorie of meat protein. I’m sure there are people telling you that it’s just fine to eat, but I promise you these people have very large financial incentives to get rid of all this grain. This is something you should think about next time you consume something derived from grain, especially your meat.