3 Superhero Powers of Collagen for Your Health & Wellness

There are many different proteins in the human body, but collagen is the most abundant. Protein forms the scaffolding and structures that hold the body together. Collagen is present mostly in fibrous tissues like tendons, ligaments, and skin, allowing us to stretch, move our joints smoothly, and heal from injury. It supports healthy cartilage, bones, skin, blood vessels, and many other tissues.

3 powers of collagen

It’s no exaggeration that proteins are the building blocks of life, providing these three amazing benefits for our health and wellness: 

  • 1. Healthy Skin
  • Collagen is best known for its presence in our skin and its widespread use in cosmetics and anti-aging products. We are born with an ample supply of collagen which gives our skin elasticity, strength, and the ability to heal. For example, when you have a cut or scrape, collagen is the substance that reconnects the damaged tissues and helps your skin heal.

    By the time we turn 30, collagen starts to diminish and break up, and our youthful glow begins to fade. Wrinkles, dryness, and thinning skin are the inevitable results of less collagen.

    This fact of life has created a booming business of anti-aging cosmetics and skincare products in which collagen is often an ingredient. Some beauty products produce positive results short term, but it continues to be difficult to produce lasting results with cosmetics alone.

  • 2. Healthy Bones & Cartilage
  • Collagen and calcium are the main elements in bones. Collagen protein provides a soft framework that makes bones flexible while calcium adds strength and hardness. In our growth years as children and teenagers, new bone is added to the skeleton at a faster pace than old bone is removed.  By the time we reach 30, our collagen supply begins to diminish in our bones as it does in our skin. When bone loss happens at a faster pace than bone growth, your bones can develop osteoporosis, a disease caused by weakened bones that are more likely to break.  
    The primary element in cartilage is collagen. Cartilage is an extremely strong, flexible fibrous tissue that takes many forms and serves many purposes in our body such as protecting our joints. Most visibly, cartilage is found in the structure of our nose and ears. In our windpipe, it supports the trachea while still allowing it to move and flex during breathing.   

    In our joints, thin layers of collagen-filled cartilage cover and protect the ends of our bones, preventing them from rubbing against each other as our joints flex and straighten. It also acts as a shock absorber during walking and jogging and other weight-bearing activities.

  • 3. Healthy Lifestyle

  • Bone broth soup has become a popular way to ingest collagen protein directly from beef and chicken bones for a healthier diet.  

    In powder form, collagen can be added to everything from soups to smoothies. There are also a growing number of collagen supplements on the market that can be taken daily.      

    Collagen is an amazing protein responsible for so many ways our body looks, feels, heals, and functions. As we get older and lose collagen, a growing movement of anti-aging specialists have gone into action to slow the effects of time and help us feel and look years younger. Whether it’s rejuvenating cosmetics, bone broth, or collagen powders and supplements, we’re going to try them all in our journey to discover our personal fountain of youth.

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