3 Paleo diet tips for beginners

A Paleo diet is based upon eating foods that occurred naturally during the times of our ancient Paleolithic ancestors. Today, many of the foods you can buy in grocery stores contain loads of added sugars, artificial ingredients and hydrogenated fats that have all been associated with an increased risk for some very serious health problems. These include heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

For this reason many people have considered going Paleo. Another perk of following the hunter-gatherer diet plan is that you are more likely to lose weight. But starting out can be challenging.

As with any new diet there are a few rules to follow. Here is a start-up guide for new Paleo dieters.

  1. Get Creative. Eating foods that existed when cavemen roamed the Earth isn’t as convenient as grabbing a box or a bag off the shelf. And that means that you’re going to need to get inspired. Check out these Whole30 Approved Paleo recipes and discover new and exciting ways to pair your favorite flavors. Once you get started, you’ll quickly find that making imaginative meals is part of the process and that creativity is the key to your success.
  2. Make Friends. One thing that all successful dieters know is that it takes a strong support system in order to avoid temptations and other pitfalls. It can be especially challenging to refuse morning pastries in the office or walk by a vending machine when you first begin your new Paleo lifestyle. But you can do it! There are tons of people in the world that can help you feel comfortable with your way of life. Consider going to a farmers market on the weekends to meet some new like-minded folks.
  3. Plan Ahead. When a caveman heads out to find food he brings the necessary tools (think a leather bag for foraging and a spear for hunting). What you need are some healthy snacks and prepared meals that are ready ahead of time. If you are hungry and out there in our fast-paced world you can quickly fall prey to processed foods. So always have a stash on hand. Your survival kit should include a grass-fed paleo beef stick, sliced fruits or vegetables and a bag of nuts. Don’t get caught out there unprepared!

It’s All in Your Head

The #1 reason most people quit or fail at a new diet is that they think of it as a diet (which brings to mind feelings of deprivation). Remember: it’s OK to slip up every now and then but the more you practice eating Paleolithic foods, the easier it will be. Don’t let D-I-E-T become a four-letter word and you will reach your ultimate health or weight loss goals in no time!


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