5 Free Summertime Activities for Kids

Summertime is always a big challenge, even if your kids go away for summer camp for a few weeks. You don’t want them to stay inside playing video games all the time, but what's out here that is inexpensive or even free? ? These five summertime activities are actually a little deceptive, because activity #2 covers a wide variety of free attractions.

summer time snacks for kids

  1. Go to a park.Urban parks are fun with their innovative playgrounds and water features like wading pools and water spouts. Suburban parks offer extras like scenic walking trails and lots of shade. Pack a picnic with healthy snacks: thermos-ready smoothies, fresh fruit and veggies in bite-size pieces, organic fruit juice and granola bars, and home-made trail mix. For on-the-go protein, pack hummus, tuna, or turkey sandwiches in little pita pockets, smear peanut butter on bananas, and munch on healthy beef jerky like Chomps Natural Beef Snack Sticks. Made from 100% grass-fed non-GMO beef, you and your kids will love their juicy, tender taste.
  2. Take advantage of free-admission days at children’s museums, art museums, zoos, historic sites, and other popular attractions. Find out which ones in your area have free or discounted days. Some places offer $1 admission prices if you show your EBT card (food stamps).
  3. Visit your local library. Check out their summer schedule for special free events like movies, art projects for preschoolers, and special appearances by professional storytellers and best-selling children’s book authors. A bigger variety of activities are usually held at the main library branch. Last but not least, be sure to check out books! Then try to return them on a day when the library plans another fun event for kids.
  4. Go camping in your backyard. Transform your backyard into your own private park and sleep in tents. You’d be surprised at the cool nature sounds when darkness falls even in the middle of suburbia. Keep it real and cook your healthy dinner and breakfast outside on the grill.
  5. Go on a factory/plant tour – If your kids enjoy watching the family car go through a car wash, they’ll love taking a tour of a real factory and seeing how things are made. Whether it’s an auto plant or a food manufacturer, you’ll all be fascinated by the equipment and robotics used in a state-of-the-art factory.

Be Prepared & Don’t Buy Junk Food
As long as you bring healthy snacks with you on your outings, you don’t have waste money on over-priced junk food. Pack nutritious foods in a cooler and snack on them before you arrive at your destination and after you leave. When kids eat healthy, they don’t get cranky. Their bodies are getting long-lasting fuel from nutritious snacks, so they’ll have the energy they need to enjoy all the free summer activities you plan. Have a wonderful time!

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Peter Maldonado