Big Introduction: Chomps

We're extremely happy and excited to introduce to you, our latest product: CHOMPS 100% GRASS FED BEEF Snack Sticks!  

I grew up on lower grade products like Slim Jim's and I've always loved those things.  It wasn't until I became a little older and wiser and started to actually read ingredient lists and nutritional facts panels when I realized that what I was munching away on wasn't good for all.  In fact, I always thought I was eating a "beef stick" when I was really eating a subpar pork and chicken stick with a long list of added fillers.  That was an eye opener.  


I've always been the type that constantly thinks of new and innovative ideas, so the idea of creating a 100% Grass Fed Beef Snack Stick that I could carry with me in my pocket any time of the day came easy.  I've been conscious of the importance of not only consuming the right macronutrients (high protein, medium fats, lower carbs) in order to gain or maintain lean muscle mass, but I also recently took to Paleo dieting principals and I've been paying more attention to where the foods I eat come from.  

I started Logic Meat Locker and we have been selling high quality grass fed ground beef and steaks through our e-store.  Over the past couple years Grass Fed Beef has been a staple in my diet and I had been wishing it was easier to get my hands on quality grass fed beef products in mainstream retail stores.  The idea for Chomps was born. 

After extensive testing and tasting (my favorite part) a variety of formulas and flavor profiles, we settled on what is now the Original Flavor Chomps Snack Stick that we're so proudly bringing to market.  We hope you enjoy it too!

Please take a look around our new website HERE and let us know if you have any questions for us! 

-Pete Maldonado

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