Crossfit Is the Best Workout On Earth

I've tried a long list of different types of training over the years.  Some with recognizable names (P90x, Insanity, etc) and others that most folks probably haven't heard of (Russian Volume Training, Doggcrapp "DC" Training...not a joke, that's what it's called).  I've done all different combinations of high volume, low volume, heavy and light weight lifting, all sorts of cardio in different lengths of time, levels of intensity, etc.  The thing about most of the different routines I've tried is that they typically focus on one aspect of training while you are missing out on the benefits of others.  

For instance, every human body is made up of fast twitch and slow twitch muscles.  You train fast twitch muscles with low repetitions, heavy weights and explosive movements.  Slow twitch muscles are trained with high repetitions, lower weights and lower intensity.  This is much like the difference in aerobic and anaerobic training.  If you want to reach your peak level of overall fitness, you need to make sure you do all of the above.  Crossfit accomplishes this.  

What is Crossfit?                                                                 

Crossfit is a method of training that focuses on a mix of olympic weight lifting, gymnastics movements, and intense, bootcamp-like stylecardiovascular training.  The program is good for younger kids to 80 year old women.  If you follow the Crossfit HQ website, you'll actually see photos and videos of these incredible people taking part in this incredibly physically challenging workout.  

Nutrition is a big part of the Crossfit key principals.  Most "Crossfitters" follow a 40/30/30 (carbs/protein/fat) diet, much like the Zone Diet, and they eat mainly Paleo friendly foods.  This type of dieting combined with the intense, well-rounded, workout routines that Crossfit offers has yielded some dramatic improvements in strength, bodyfat, endurance and overall quality of life.  The number of testimonials that I come across on the daily basis is astounding.