Choose to See The Good in All Situations

It's been a crazy week for everyone here in the U.S. with the horrible events that took place at the Boston Marathon this week.  Things didn't get any easier for tens of thousands of people living here in the Midwest today that woke up to find most of their cities under water due to flash flooding from seemingly endless heavy rains.  These unexpected events coupled with the ongoing economic issues in our country, it's easy to let it all weigh heavy on your mind and control your thoughts.  It's no time to succumb to the doom and gloom.  We need to focus on the positive, in all situations.  

The Boston bombing was a horrific attack that will have a lasting effect on the city of Boston, the Boston Marathon and our country as a whole for years to come.  But, as seen on the videos that have replayed in the media, within seconds of the first explosion spectators, athletes, policemen, firefighters and first responders all rushed directly towards into the thick smoke and debris.  These heros rushed in without hesitation to selflessly offer any help they could to the innocent victims.  The still-at-large bombers are sick, evil individuals, but they were outnumbered a thousand times over by all of the loving, caring people that only wanted to help.  This is a positive statistic that we need to choose to focus on.  

Rainstorm after rainstorm has been pummeling Midwestern states for weeks.  This week seemed to be one continuous rainfall that eventually triggered flash flood warnings last night and ultimately ended in the flood damage we see today. Roadways are now lakes, basements are now pools of murky water and sinkholes are devouring multiple automobiles at a time.  Let's not forget that less than a year ago, we were praying for rain.  There was an extreme drought that plagued farmland across the region.  Crops were killed and farm animals had to be slaughtered prematurely, causing a steep decline in supply with a sharp increase in prices.  The rain has finally arrived, although a little more than expected.  But, the drought is over, crops will grow and sustainable farmers will be able to produce the pasture-raised grass fed beef they need to so they can earn a living.  

We need to prevent allowing ourselves to turn into a depressed population of zombies.  It's easier said than done, and sometimes we need to dig deep to find it, but we need to choose to see the good in all situations.