It is always so exciting when people from the blogs that we love and have followed for years, acknowledge our product. We have always loved Primal Toad- a blog written by Todd Dosenberry about his ‘epic quest for fundamental wellness’. The ‘Toad’ writes about life, food, travel, nutrition fitness and much more and we just wanted to share the fact that we really love his blog posts and newsletter. You can check out his blog for yourself at

After trying out our Chomps snack sticks, the Toad decided to let all of his 4,400+ newsletter subscribers  know about his new found love for our snack sticks which he thinks are ‘amazing’ (his words….although we totally agree!).  His newsletter is always full of something great to read and often includes some sort of handy giveaway for readers…….. If that sounds good to you, then subscribe and read his newsletter for yourself-

Primal Toad definitely makes for an interesting read and we are super excited to have Toad as a Chomps fan. Watch this space for news on an upcoming giveaway by Primal Toad which will contain some GREAT stuff, including a little something from us too!

Thanks again Toad!!

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