So I feel like it is time to write about insanity- and if I’m being very truthful- my love/hate relationship with it. Now, although I have always led a somewhat active lifestyle, I feel like this is one of those things that requires commitment and proper dedication- something I sometimes lack depending on how busy life gets with everything else going on.

The reason it appeals to me is that it is actually a lot shorter than other workouts I have tried. If, like me, you work from 8am-6pm and have limited time to work out then this is great. I come home, get ready to work out and am able to do a full and very brutal work-out in less than an hour, meaning I don’t lose the precious time I have after work, travelling to and from a work-out class.

The first time I did it (well actually the first 6 days I did it) I remember thinking that I would never get through 60 days of this INSANITY (no pun intended!) . I actually struggled with the ‘warm up’ and didn’t make it through the whole thing for at least three days…. But I pushed through (or was gently nudged to persevere by my ‘better half’). The way it works is you do six different work-outs in a row and then have a recovery/rest day. You do the same work-outs for four consecutive weeks and then you begin the max work-outs (and it follows a similar pattern)


After my first day of rest, I then started the same work-outs I had done the week before and although it was still brutal, I found myself lasting a lot longer before I had to take a break. Now, I don’t know about you, but I am one of those people who becomes very excited and pleased with myself when I can really see I have made an improvement in something I am doing- so it then made me want to keep at it, with the hope that one day, it would be a breeze. The first time I did it, I did have days where I was really hurting and wanted to throw something at the screen and days I hated doing it, but you can feel and see visible results which is great and encouraging. BUT THEN…. Just as you think you are finally doing ok, the max work-outs start. That’s when the ‘hate’ really kicked in. It made the first set of work-outs look like a joke. In fact, after one week, I was so fed up, I actually went back to the first set of videos, ready to give up on my 60 day insanity challenge- and to my shock- I found them almost easy (I use the term loosely- since I mean it in context with what I was facing with the max work-outs). Funnily enough, it made me feel happy inside that these videos that I had really struggled with and was unable to complete only four weeks earlier, were now totally do-able. Anyway, that then gave me the push I needed to force myself to follow this thing through. There were days I had a lot of fun doing it, and other days when I was miserable- but the point is, I would get it done and it would all be within an hour and I would feel a great sense of achievement afterwards.

So that was almost a year ago….and now I am back to week two of the initial videos and find myself in that same vicious cycle. BUT, this time I know that I have done it before, which is what is keeping me going. Despite having done it once, I am still struggling with it, but once you start, the results come a lot quicker the second time.

To be fair, for something that you have to purchase once, and then are able to utilize on an on-going basis, it really is a fantastic work-out. You can literally do it anywhere, which is great because I am all about convenience. It is one of the few work-out related things that I happily recommend to my friends and colleagues, since I really do think that it works and can have you feeling great- and looking great in no time. In the grand scheme of things- 60 days is nothing………. I think that for someone leading a very busy life-style but wanting to get/stay in shape, this is a great option. So,  although the name suggests something irrational/crazy, and the work-out may at times seem insane...I think it makes perfect sense. 


We at Chomps are always looking for new ways to keep healthy and stay fit, so let us know if you have a story you want to share or an idea for us to try out. We value each and every one of you and want to know about all the things you love/hate to do to stay healthy. 

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