‘The Clothes Make The Girl’s Melissa and Chomps team-up for a fab give-away!

We at Chomps feel extremely lucky to be a part of an amazing community of people who share our views on health, fitness, food/diet and life in general. We have been fortunate enough to partner up and be recognized by some of our favourite bloggers and this week are super pumped since ‘The Clothes Make The Girl’s very own Melissa Joulwan featured us on her fabulous blog.

Melissa’s blog ‘The Clothes Make The Girl’ is great since she not only talks about her triumphs and failures in the gym, but also in the kitchen and in life in general. Her blog is not all serious or totally focused on health and we love it because she keeps it real and always has something interesting and new to talk about, whether it is about health, food, fitness or even music and fashion. The thing that drew me to her blog is her honesty. Like so many amazing women out there- she is on a mission to look and feel great…… so she works out, eats well and isn’t afraid to say that she also loves being ‘dressed-to-kill”- and let’s face it, who doesn’t?!  I love the fact that she acknowledges that part of looking and feeling great is how you dress and then fact that finding that perfect item to wear can make you feel amazing.

Melissa started Crossfit in 2007 and then adopted a paleo diet in 2009. She is also a supporter and partner of Whole9Life- so when we told her we were Whole30 approved, she was super excited to try our Chomps. We couldn’t wait to hear what she thought about our Chomps snack stick- and were delighted to hear that she “loved it!” saying that ‘Chomps are portable protein power, and they yayse really freakin’ good.………and [they are] totally junk free, gluten free, and sugar free.’

If like me- you are the kind of girl who wants to be super-fit, eat healthy- but also loves talking and reading about other stuff- including clothes and everyday life then this is a MUST read for you! Also, if you want to find some great recipes to fit in with your healthy lifestyle-we definitely recommend checking out her new cookbook

Lastly, if you want a chance to win some original and jalapeno chomps plus a 20% coupon off your next order, enter the giveaway on her page. All you have to do is like us on facebook and start following Melissa on twitter and then leave a comment on her blog letting her know about it. One lucky winner will be picked at random by her. The deadline is midnight Friday Sept 6.