We at Chomps wanted to introduce our readers to the Paleo Mom blog and the blogger behind it, scientist turned stay-at-home mom- Sarah Ballantyne. Not only is Sarah a follower of the paleo diet and lifestyle, but so is her family. Her blog is not only about her story of leading a paleo lifestyle, but also consists of posts about her research on the paleo diet, recipes, how to have your kids lead a paleo lifestyle as well as key ingredients /tools and stories about the daily struggles of being paleo.

This blog is an extremely informative blog for those interested in learning about paleo, or those who try and live/eat paleo. It is very real and deals with the struggles that many people would find themselves facing in a similar situation.  What’s more, it is kid friendly and takes into account what children need and is a great way to get new ideas on what to feed your kids in order to help them grow up healthier. We love it because it starts at the beginning and walks you through how you would adopt a paleo diet and what other changes you can/should make in your life in order to get the same results that Sarah did. Reading Sarah’s story is truly inspiring and it is amazing to see the transformation that she was able to achieve by making the decision to make drastic changes in her lifestyle and diet.

Paleo Mom also has a great newsletter which is great to subscribe to since it always contains some fascinating news about Sarah’s continued journey to change her lifestyle/diet or something else informative. The newsletter also tends to contain great and exclusive coupons and deals for readers- all of which would be suitable for someone leading a paleo lifestyle. The most recent newsletter even contained a great introduction to Chomps and an exclusive coupon just for their readers.

Anyway, we love sharing which blogs we love to read and this is certainly one of them- and a big thanks to Sarah for sharing Chomps with her awesome readers.