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We just love all of the new resources available to help people learn about, and stick to, the Gluten Free and Paleo lifestyles.  One of the coolest ones I recently came across is the Nourished App for iOS - iPhones and iPads.  The app is a steady flow of great recipes that work for anyone that is looking to eat healthier, but they're also good for Paleo, Primal, Gluten-Free, GAPS and SCD diets.  

I personally like the idea of not having to keep track of my printed recipes.  They're always so hard for me to find (I'm not the most organized person in the world) and they just end up as added clutter in the kitchen.  This app stores all of the recipes I've used in a section called "Cooked History" and it allows me to jot down notes that are stored with the recipe...forever, and they'll never get swallowed up by the junk drawer.   

The recipes found in the app are provided courtesy of some of the top Paleo cookbook authors and bloggers out there.  One of our good friends, Tammy Credicott, the author of the newly released Make Ahead Paleo, is being featured this month.  Melissa Joulwan is another friend of Chomps that is the author of the cook book Well Fed and her blog, The Clothes Make the Girl, that also provides recipes.  

Not only are the functionality, content and graphics in the app incredible, but so is the fact that it was all designed and Nourished App Founder Michele Spring & Familycoded by it's rockstar creator, Michele Spring.  Not impressed? Consider that she built and maintains this amazing piece of technology and her blog in her spare time from her full-time job and raising two young boys.  Yep, rockstar! 

Michele was nice enough to write a really great review Chomps Snack Sticks on her blog this week.  Thanks Michele!  

I suggest you head on over to the App Store and scoop up this app for a measly $4.99.  It's truly an amazing value for what you get.  


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