It's time to cut the 'junk' out of junk food and snacks at school!

There has been a great push in elementary schools all around the U.S. to have healthier meals for kids- which is great. However, there is still an underlying problem with the snacks available in almost half of these schools. A recent study was conducted showing that in almost half of all elementary schools, potato chips, ice-cream and other unhealthy snacks are still available to kids in snack shops or vending machines.

We all know that kids will be kids and if they are surrounded by unhealthy snacks, they are likely to buy them and consume them on a regular basis. When children are young, their eating habits are being shaped- so if they have access to unhealthy snacks in school and they eat these snacks, it is much harder for them to ‘kick the habit’ as they get older.

We are not doing these kids at school any favors by allowing them access to unhealthy snacks which are high in sugar and salt, because by doing so, we are encouraging them to eat them.

There is no reason why more nutritious snacks can’t be substituted into vending machines and snack shops. If healthier snacks were available in schools and if vending machines were stocked with them, then children would be encouraged to eat these snacks instead.

We should be making a concerted effort to help kids be healthy in every way that we can and this is one of those ways.

This is precisely one of the reasons that we came up with our Chomps snack sticks. Kids will snack on what is available to them, so why not give your kids a healthy grass-fed beef snack stick or some fruit or other healthy snack to eat instead?

I know that when I’m bored or peckish I grab whatever is accessible to me- so I make sure the snacks I have at work and at home and healthy ones. So why not make it a point to make healthy snacks available to kids instead of ones that are contributing to them becoming unhealthy. Luckily, we now live in a world where there are so many really great tasting healthy snack options which kids would love, if they had access to them.

Gone are the day’s where healthy didn’t taste as good- so let’s spread the word and help kids realize that healthy can taste great-if not better- than the unhealthy snacks that have long dominated our lives!

If you want your kids to eat healthy and snack healthy- then make it happen. Our Chomps are a great snack for all ages so send your kids to school with something you know is not only  good for them but will also keep them happy and energized.