Feeling WELL FED with my new favorite recipe book!

It isn’t always easy thinking of new and fun food ideas- especially healthy food ideas. It can get tedious eating the same few meals over and over again, so I was thrilled when The Clothes Make The Girl’s Melissa Joulwan’s ‘Well Fed 2- more paleo recipes for people who love to eat’ was released.

This book is absolutely fantastic and is full of so many delicious recipes that will keep you and your family/friends extremely happy and satisfied! The book takes you through essential cooking utensils, spices and things to fill your pantry with, making sure you are properly set-up to cook the great recipes in the book. It has a section for quick meals- which is ideal for those with a busy life-style and little time to spend cooking. There is a great ‘sauces and seasoning’ section, so whether you’re looking for a kickass ketchup, olive-oil mayo or amazing vinaigrette, this is the place to go so you don’t have to miss out on those delicious toppings we all love. The main part of the book has so many protein, veggies and salad recipes that you’ll be spoilt for choice and there is even a fruits section with some tasty desserts.

This recipe book has totally revolutionized my meal times and I am so thankful to Melissa for all of these wonderful recipes. My favorites so far include a mouth-watering ‘silky gingered zucchini soup’ and ‘spaghetti squash fritters’ which are a great substitution for savory pancakes.

I just wanted to share this great recipe book with all of our Chomps customers, because it really will change your meal times. Grab a copy of Well Fed 2 now and start trying out these amazing recipes for yourself!