CHOMPS Fitness Minute – How To Beat the 3pm Slump

We have all been there, yawning at our desks as the clock strikes 3pm. We typically make our way to the coffee machine to pour another cup, but that routine is starting to get a little monotonous. That is why we teamed up with our friend and personal trainer, Rebecca Faria, who is here to give us some tips and tricks on how she beats that 3pm slump and stays energized throughout her busy days!


Take a moment out of your day to relax and come to your center focus with a quick meditation! We love the guided meditation on Headspace. 

Yoga & Stretching

Practice deep breathing with a focus on posture, since we are sitting all day. This is something simple you can do right at your desk!


Becca's favorite: get up and MOVE! Whether it is a walk around the office or a walk around the block, she recommends just getting up and moving your body.

Have a quick 10-15 minutes to hit the gym? Check out the video below to see a simple full body, bodyweight workout sequence Becca put together to activate every muscle group. 

Make sure to follow along with Becca for more fitness and wellness tips!  
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