Feeding the Homeless in Detroit, Flint, and New York City: How These Organizations Are Making a Difference

The statistics are staggering. Every night in New York City, homeless shelters take care of about 63,000 men, women, and children.  Even more troubling, 75% are homeless families, not individuals. In Detroit and Flint, Michigan, the numbers are much lower, but the problems are the same.

“Homeless shelters take care of about 63,000 men, women, and children”

How do charitable organizations begin to make a difference about feeding the homeless? We learned a great deal about how they do it when our company, Chomps, began planning our charitable donations. We produce Chomps Natural Beef Sticks, a healthy non-GMO beef jerky, and we were getting ready to donate our products to the homeless.

In our research, two hard-working charities grabbed our attention. One was the inspiration of a child In Detroit, and the other was started by a New Jersey family. Chomps is proud to support their relentless efforts with donations of Chomps Natural Beef Sticks.

  1. Super Ewan Inc

In 2014 seven-year-old Ewan Baker Young dreamed of dressing up like a superhero and helping the homeless in his hometown of Detroit. Sounds like an impossible dream for a young boy, but Ewan is no ordinary child. Two months later, Super Ewan, Inc. became a  nonprofit organization with a mission to help and bring hope to those who need it most. Ewan’s motto is

“We can all be a superhero to someone!”

With the help of donations from family, friends, businesses, and organizations, Ewan and volunteers deliver food, toiletries, clothing and other necessities to Metro Detroit's homeless and needy, twice each month. In addition, Ewan organizes and executes special events such as turkey deliveries for Thanksgiving, water collections for Flint (which has lead in their water), book drives, and holiday parties for area children in need. 
To learn more, make donations, or volunteer, visit Super Ewan Inc.

  1.   Homeless Bus Inc

homeless bus inc

In 1992, Mark Landgrebe went to a business seminar in Hawaii where he heard about a program that helps feed needy families on holidays. The program inspired Mark so much that he and his wife, Anna started a similar program back home. They soon realized that feeding the homeless on holidays wasn’t enough; their new plan took shape. They decided to load up their “homeless bus” with food, warm socks, and toiletries and deliver them to the homeless in New York City every Saturday night.

That was over 20 years ago, and Mark and his crew haven’t missed a Saturday night delivery to the same locations throughout NYC. Every week, the lines of hungry and homeless individuals form early, and the “homeless bus” becomes the most popular food truck in the city!  

Recently a Homeless Bus spokesperson told us,

“When we distribute Chomps Natural Beef Sticks, our friends LOVE them! It is one of their favorite items to receive from us. They often request them and ask about them.”


To learn more, make donations, or volunteer, visit Homeless Bus Inc
Instagram:  HomelessBus
Twitter:  @HomelessBusNYC

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