Take Your Kids on a Farm Tour & Show Them How Healthy Foods Are Grown

This summer, treat your kids to a tour of a working farm in your area and help them make a powerful connection to the healthy foods you prepare for them at home and the farmers who plant, nurture, and harvest them. Just google “family farm tours near (your city).” You’ll be surprised how many farms offer activity-filled tours for the public.

show your kids where healthy food comes from


Choose from a Fun Selection of Farm Tours

No matter where you live, you’ll find nearby farms that offer tours seasonally or year-round. When we did a few quick online searches of farm tours in different areas., we found a rich variety of options, and you will, too. Here are just a few:

We discovered Suzie’s Farm, a USDA-certified organic family farm just 13 miles from San Diego, where they grow over 100 varieties of seasonal vegetables, herbs, fruits and edible flowers year-round. It’s just one of many family farms dedicated to producing high-quality organic foods for American families. Their public tours feature a 90-minute walkabout through their fields while you learn about the history and operations of their farm. Along the way, you’ll help harvest veggies to take home.

When we searched for farm tours in the Chicago area, we were thrilled to find Fair Oaks Farms in Fair Oaks, Indiana, a little over an hour’s drive away. Great fun for the whole family, Fair Oaks Farms has hours of activities planned for you including a “Dairy Adventure,” a “Pig Adventure,” and a “Crop Adventure.” Their farm tours offer “acres of great outdoor fun, food and learning where you can explore family farms and reconnect with nature, animals and our planet.” Passionate about sustainability, they run their farms entirely on pig and cow manure—known as “poo power,” dramatically decreasing their dependence on electricity.

One hour west of New York City in Chester, NJ, we discovered Alstede Farms, a family farm devoted to growing high-quality USDA-certified organic fruits and vegetables and providing memorable farm experiences for visitors. Kids will be delighted with all the farm animals—cows, horses, sheep, goats, peacocks, ponies, free-range ducks, and a pot-bellied pig. Activities include picking your own fruits and veggies, pony and hay rides, and a fresh ice cream treat topped with fresh fruit from the farm.

Healthy Snacks for your Road Trip
Depending on the location of the farm you decide to visit, you may have to drive for an hour or more and be away from home for the better part of the day. So be sure to pack nutritious snacks, maintaining the theme of healthy, delicious foods for your farm tour day. Include protein-rich snacks like single servings of cheese and Chomps Natural Beef Snack Sticks to keep energy levels high.

Chomps Natural Beef Sticks is the perfect snack for summertime activities and a delicious alternative to traditional beef jerky brands. Individually wrapped, each juicy Chomps stick is packed with nine grams of protein and made from 100% grass-fed non-GMO New Zealand Angus beef, enhanced with the down-home flavors of farm-fresh ingredients and preserved with natural celery juice. Chomps are free of gluten, soy, hormones, antibiotics, dairy, and MSG.

Order Chomps natural beef snack sticks online in three juicy flavors—Original, Crankin’ Cran, and Jalapeno. Chomps is Whole30 approved and paleo-diet friendly. Enjoy your protein boost the healthy, tasty way!

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