What Types of Healthy Foods Should We Pack for Summer Vacation?

There’s no law that says you have to throw away your healthy eating habits when you’re on vacation with your family and driving hundreds of miles to your destination. You can have just as much fun without indulging in your old junk-food habits. It’s all about planning, grocery shopping, and packing healthier options. You don’t need to settle for overpriced junk food and sugary sodas at convenience stores when you have tasty, healthier options in your car, kept fresh in a handy cooler.

healthy snacks for the summer

Healthy Travel Snacks
Your shopping list may include these yummy good-for-you snacks. Only a few of them need to be prepared before your trip:

  • Fresh fruits and berries—apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, berries, or cut melon
  • Dried fruit & trail mix
  • Fresh cut veggies & hummus dip    
  • Organic granola & fruit bars
  • Organic pretzels
  • Low-sugar cereal
  • Deviled eggs
  • Apple sauce or fruit squeezes
  • Greek yogurt
  • Hummus in different flavors
  • Cheese sticks and slices
  • ...and Chomps Natural Beef Snack Sticks with 9 grams of delicious protein in every stick


Then add healthy drink choices—water, tea, coffee, and home-made lemonade. Drink more water than anything else.

Easy Light Meals
Add a few healthy travel snacks to round-out these main menu items:

  • Turkey, tuna, or hummus sandwiches on pita or gluten-free bread
  • Whole grain pasta salads with veggies and organic salad dressing


What’s the harm of eating junk food on vacation?
Even though you’ve packed healthy travel snacks and meals and possibly gluten–free snacks, you’re sure to face many temptations just by stopping for gas. The seductive aroma of hot dogs and fried chicken in some convenience stores can catch you off guard. Even the big displays of chips, dips, and chocolate bars can beckon you. Before you succumb to temptation, remember this startling fact from, an internationally renowned source of health and nutrition:

Eating high-fat junk food for just five days has serious health consequences for your metabolism, according to a recent study of healthy men in college. When these students ate a diet of macaroni and cheese, processed lunchmeat, sausage biscuits, mayonnaise, and microwavable meals with unhealthy fats, their muscles’ ability to oxidize glucose was disrupted. “If you lose this key player in glucose metabolism, it could pave the way for insulin resistance, diabetes, and other health problems.”

Eating junk food has immediate consequences, too. When your digestive track is used to easily processing healthy real foods, junk foods can make you feel bad fast, causing heartburn, stomach aches, lethargy, and an urgent need to find a bathroom. So eat healthy, feel great, and enjoy your vacation because you deserve it!

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Peter Maldonado