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No wheat, dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, fish & shellfish are found in our products.

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We use sea salt and celery juice to achieve 13 months of shelf stability.

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The easy answer? Real food. But at its heart, the Whole30 is an elimination diet. The goal is to eliminate foods that are problematic to the body to see their effects. Here’s a guide to eating Whole30: 

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Seasoning Blends

Black and red pepper, sea salt, garlic, onion and celery juice allow our varieties to pack a multitude of tastes. But don't fret! For our AIP-friendly friends, we left nightshades out in two of our best-selling varieties.


Three of our varieties introduce jalapeno or habanero peppers to the mix for a bit more of a kick. Don't be scared if you see chunks in your sticks - we use fresh, whole peppers to give you the most authentic taste.


Dried cranberries in our Cranberry Habanero stick add a hint of sweetness to contrast the spiciness of our habanero peppers while providing some natural simple sugars.