Sustainable Eating on Earth Day
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Sustainable Eating on Earth Day

Written by Addie Martanovic on April 21, 2022


This year for Earth Day, we're sharing how to eat more sustainably. That could mean buying food that practices regenerative farming, packing your lunch in a metal bento box, using Stasher bags instead of plastic bags, or opting for grass-fed meats (like Chomps). The video below breaks down where our meat comes from and how Chomps and other snacks focus on the importance of sourcing.

Our friend Kristyn, an avid cyclist and nature enthusiast in Denver, Colorado, spent a day with us hiking in Denver and sharing some knowledge and tips for sustainable eating on Earth Day including consuming:

1. Sustainable Meats

We work with farmers that use regenerative agricultural practices that promote the conservation and rehabilitation of the food and farming systems. At Chomps we source our beef from Tasmania, a small island state off the coast of Australia. Rotational grazing on these farms ensures there is minimal impact on the environment. Chomps' venison comes from a free range, grass-fed farm in New Zealand. As for our antibiotic free and free-range turkey, we source domestically from two farms; one in California and one in Minnesota. 

The next time you're choosing your meat, make sure you're choosing selections that are not only sustainable but also healthy (like Chomps which carry 10-12g of protein per stick, have no nitrates or nitrites and include 0 sugar!) 

2. Walnuts, Pecans and Peanuts 

These have an incredible amount of nutrients in them like healthy fats, protein and fiber. These specific nuts are sourced with a less amount of water and a smaller CO2 footprint than other nuts. Next time you're at your grocery store, opt for picking out nuts from the bulk section to pick the more sustainable option and bring your own container to use less packaging. 

3. Sustainable Produce

There are some fruits and vegetables that are more sustainable than others. When picking out your favorites, opt for going for what is in season - an easy way to do this is to shop at weekend farmer's markets (especially in the spring and summer months) and don't forget to bring a reusable bag when shopping for said produce. One pairing we love are carrots and hummus. Carrots, hummus (made out of chickpeas which are sustainable!), apples and oranges are some of our favorite more sustainable picks when hiking, heading outdoors or traveling.

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