Chompian of the Month: Ari Karl

Chompian of the Month: Ari Karl

Written by Addie Martanovic on April 03, 2023


For the month of April, our Chompian of the Month is our friend Ari Karl who runs a fitness company called Kamps, that teaches bootcamp fitness classes. Ari reached out to us recently and we were inspired by his story and wanted to share more of who he is and how he got started on his fitness journey. Read below to learn more about Ari, our April Chompian of the Month. 

 ari karl

Can you tell us about yourself - what you do, a bit about your story, etc.?

I run a fitness company called Kamps with my brother (Sam). We offer HIIT classes and have several locations around the country. If you told me I'd be in the fitness industry 7 years ago I would've laughed at you, but after taking my brother's classes at a previous company for years, we decided to start our own company. It's been an incredible experience creating these communities around the country, and even more special being able to build it with my brother. 


What's your best tip on how to stay positive during hard times? 

Life is short and we're always going to have ups and downs. Don't sweat the small stuff. Work hard. Play hard. When things don't go your way, take a deep breath, work out, eat a Chomps, and stay positive!


What's your workout routine or favorite way to move your body?

 I have a new passion for running. About 2 months ago I randomly decided I wanted to challenge myself to complete a half marathon. Immediately after this decision, I overheard my brother say "there's just no way he does it." That was enough motivation for me to run 175 miles over the last 2 months in preparation for the race. I'll never get a tattoo but if i did it would probably say "There's just no way he does it" -Sam (my brother) 


Why did you start Kamps and how did you decide on the charity to donate to?

 I was working in real estate development at the time and taking my brothers classes a few times a week. Until that time, I hated working out. I loved his classes and figured if I could be that into HIIT classes then everyone would be. I saw his passion for fitness and it inspired me to start Kamps together. 

 After seeing the devastation caused by the earthquake on the Turkish / Syrian border this month, and especially the many children who have lost their entire families to this natural disaster, I looked for a foundation working to help. The Children’s Emergency Fund is helping to meet the urgent need these children have for food, shelter and warm clothing.


How are you preparing for the marathon and what does your diet/schedule look like?

RUNNING. and then I run. Followed by more running. 4-5 x per week. I have the best dietitian that has helped me throughout the last couple of months. She has me eating a ton of vegetables. But the most important part of my diet has been Chomps. I eat one after every run. 


What does a usual day in your life look like? 

Wake up at 5:30 am, run 4-6 miles. Eat a Chomps. Drive to Kamps until about 11 am. Work until about 6:00pm. Eat. Watch a movie/show. Repeat. 


What's your favorite way to eat Chomps?

Solo always but on a pizza sounds incredible. 


What's your favorite flavor Chomps?

Pepperoni Seasoned Turkey Chomps. Dare someone to convince me otherwise. 

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