Chompian of the Month: Shannon Bahrke

Chompian of the Month: Shannon Bahrke

Written by Rachel Winnall on August 14, 2023


For our Chompian of the Month, we have 2X Olympic medalist Shannon Bahrke! Shannon lead the Chomps team in a team building activity during our team retreat in Park City, Utah and we were all inspired by her journey and tips to stay positive. We couldn't wait to feature her and share her perspectives!


Can you tell us about yourself - what you do, a bit about your story, etc.?

I am a 2X Olympic medalist in the sport of freestyle mogul skiing, a wife, a mom of two young kiddos, I own my own team building & leadership development company Team Empower Hour, I keynote speak all over the globe, and I still get to ski every day as a Ski Champion/ Ambassador for Deer Valley Resort.

What’s your best tip on how to stay positive?

One of the ways I like to stay positive is to reframe my perspective when I'm feeling negative or overwhelmed. For instance, I change in my mind I "have" to do this _____ to I "get" to do this _____. We all live extraordinary lives that we should be so grateful for yet sometimes we get caught up in the slump of our every day routines and mounting problems. All we need is a little reframe and a dose of gratitude to realize how great our lives really are.

What’s your workout routine?

I workout in a gym 3 days a week doing a bootcamp style workout, I ride my bike two days a week, and I try to squeak in yoga once or twice a week. I also take my dog out for a hike every evening. If I'm not doing one of those things we are outside all the time and love sports and trying to do as much as possible!

How do you consider yourself a “game changer?” 

I consider myself a game changer because I'm never afraid to fail and I always bring 100% of my energy to everything I do. I've found a really powerful combination for me is both my mental and emotional toughness, that beats physical toughness 99% of the time!

What’s the best thing you do for your personal health?

One of the healthiest things I do for me is to put our family fun first. My kiddos are only young once so I make it a priority (over everything else) to do whatever activities we can together as a family out in the sunshine. I also need to be active so getting in at least 60 mins of physical activity a day keeps my mind, body, and soul happy! And sleep, I'm an 8 hour sleeper minimum!!

What is your favorite Chomps product?

Salt & Pepper Venison

How does Chomps fuel your lifestyle?

We are always on the go. Whether it's biking or skiing in the mountains, going to cheer on our kids at their sporting events, camping in our RV, or just enjoying life, Chomps sticks are an easy, healthy snack to keep us from getting hangry. Also, we can literally throw them in any backpack or bag we own so they're always there when we need them!

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