Chompian of the Month: Vickie Segar

Chompian of the Month: Vickie Segar

Written by Addie Martanovic on April 20, 2022


For the month of April, we're highlighting Vickie Segar, the CEO and founder of Village Marketing, as our Chompian of the Month. Here at Chomps we work with Village Marketing, a woman-only company, to create impactful influencer campaigns that drive brand awareness. We chose to have Vickie as our Chompian this month because she inspires us to hustle whether you're a mom, entrepreneur, business owner or all of the above, and to never give up on your goals, whether small or large.

You can learn more about Vickie below!

Can you tell us about yourself - what you do, a bit about your story, etc.?

I'm the founder of Village Marketing - an all female influencer agency that pairs brands with performing influencers. I started the company to first and foremost create a better work environment for women as I saw challenges working in the startup space as a young female going through different life stages. Secondly, I have a passion for innovation tactics in marketing and influencer marketing was a clear path for the future of how consumers would make purchase decisions. We now have a great company with 170+ female leaders strong that is continuing to lead and innovate in the social space.

Chompian of the Month

What’s your best tip on how to stay positive?

Perspective. I feel so incredibly fortunate for every aspect of my life and am acutely aware of how and where things could be worse. And when I have moments of negativity, no matter how great things are around me, I know that with time everything always gets figured out.

What’s your workout routine?

I'm a power consumer - so I try everything. P.Volve, Melissa Wood Health, Ergatta Rowing, SoulCycle - I do a little bit of everything. But mostly, I chase my little kids around the house - which is my daily cardio.

How do you consider yourself a “game changer?” This is 100% open to your interpretation!

I have always been attracted to doing things differently and doing them first. That's what gets me up in the morning. I love to sit on the cutting edge of innovation - its where I feel the happiest.

What’s the best thing you do for your personal health everyday (mental or physical)?

Picking my kids up from school :)

What is your favorite Chomps product?

The Original Beef sticks no question!

How does Chomps fuel your lifestyle?

I'm a busy mom, I eat my lunch in the car on the way to pick up my kids, if I eat lunch at all. Chomps is my grab and go, protein snack, keeps me in happy, patient mom state - which is where I like to be!

Chompian of the Month

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