Chompian of the Month: Maggie Michalczyk, RDN

Chompian of the Month: Maggie Michalczyk, RDN

Written by Kasey Moss on March 09, 2021


March is National Nutrition Month, so we wanted to feature one of our favorite registered dietitians as our Chompian of the month! Meet Maggie Michalczyk. Maggie is a Chicago-based RD, and she runs a blog called Once Upon a Pumpkin, where she shares easy, seasonal recipes and more. Through her platform, Maggie inspires women everywhere to love their bodies and be confident in their nutrition choices.

Maggie has been a Chompian game changer for a while now, and we're excited to share more about her with you!

What’s your best tip on how to stay positive?

Keep a gratitude journal! It's hard to stay positive every single day, so I find that by keeping a gratitude journal it's easy to remind myself of everything I have to be thankful for and that's positive in my life during those gray days. Also having little things to look forward to during the day and for the week help keep me feeling positive at times when it feels hard to be. Simply taking time to enjoy the little things in life always brings a lot of positivity to my day as well.

What’s your workout routine?

I love doing a mix of HIIT style workouts and lower impact barre and sculpt. I really try to honor how I'm feeling that day and let that dictate what type of movement I'm in the mood to do.

How do you consider yourself a “game changer?” This is 100% open to your interpretation!

I consider myself a game changer because of the way in which I strive to share nutrition information. My goal with everything I do is to show people that healthy living can be simple, stress-free, affordable, attainable and FUN for their lifestyle. I like to think outside the box when it comes to sharing nutrition information that will hopefully resonate with people and help them feel their best!

What’s the best thing you do for your personal health everyday (mental or physical)?

A couple things I think are great for our mental and physical health on daily basis are disconnecting from our devices for a little while on a daily basis, getting some movement in whatever that may look like for you, taking the time to enjoy a meal versus rushing through it and spending time outside.

What is your favorite Chomps product?

Turkey Jalapeno!

How does Chomps fuel your lifestyle?

Chomps fuels my lifestyle because it fuels me up in moments when I need it most. The perfect snack between meetings, when I'm on the go, after a workout and more. I know I can count on Chomps for good nutrition that fuels my busy, entrepreneurial lifestyle!

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