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Can Eating GMO Foods Make You Sick?

Written by Peter Maldonado on September 15, 2017


Can GMOs make you sick?

Foods containing GMOs (genetically modified organisms) have taken over America's food supply in astonishing numbers and are posing serious health risks for all of us.

The Center for Food Safety, a nonprofit watchdog agency, reports that overwhelming percentages of genetically engineered (GE) crops are grown from genetically modified (GMO) seeds, affecting:

  • Up to 92% of U.S. corn crops
  • 94% of soybeans
  • 94% of cotton, from which cottonseed oil, often used in food products, is derived
  • Over 75% of processed foods on supermarket shelves – from soda to soup, crackers to condiments – contain GMO ingredients.

In a mad rush to create more genetically engineered foods, the biotech industry continues to claim that GMOs are safe. But study after study confirms their claim is false.

GMO Health Risks

Today's genetically engineered foods are not the same as the natural hybridization methods farmers have used for centuries to grow better varieties of grains, fruits, vegetables, and raise animals for food.

Genetically engineered organisms are freaks of nature that disrupt the basic genetic codes of our food supply. Biotech scientists take genetic material from one species and insert it into different species.

The following is just a sampling of the health dangers consumers face due to the presence of GMOs in unprecedented percentages in our food supply.

1. Exposure to More Pesticides

Most genetically engineered crops are modified with a gene that resists pesticides. This means that GE crops are immune to Monsanto’s infamous weed killer, Roundup. The main ingredient in Roundup is glyphosate, a known carcinogen that has been linked to many health problems in animal studies such as cancer, diabetes, birth defects, reproductive damage, and endocrine disruption.

Overuse of Roundup results in herbicide-resistant "superweeds", causing farmers to use even more toxic herbicides every year. In addition to harming the environment, this abusive practice is now linked to alarming increases in diseases and disorders in people.

During the decade following the 1996 introduction of GMO seeds and crops, The Institute of Responsible Technology (I.R.T.) reports that:

  • The percentage of Americans with three or more chronic illnesses jumped from 7% to 13%.
  • Food allergies skyrocketed.
  • Disorders like autism, reproductive disorders, digestive problems are on the rise.

Currently, physician groups such as the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) are urging doctors to prescribe non-GMO diets for all patients.

2. Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs

At least 2 million people contract antibiotic-resistant infections annually, and at least 23,000 die as a result, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Popular antibiotics that saved lives for decades are now becoming useless against pneumonia and other life-threatening bacterial infections. The problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria stems from two main sources:

  • Doctors over-prescribe antibiotics.
  • Antibiotics, along with other toxins and harmful ingredients, are in every bite of factory-farmed meat we eat.

Factory farms now produce between 78% of the beef, 95% of the pork, 99% of the turkey, and 99.9% of the chicken on the market. These animals are regularly treated with antibiotics to prevent them from falling ill and dying from their filthy, confined living conditions.

You may have noticed that more meat packages have “No Antibiotics Added” labels, but that doesn’t mean those products are suddenly nutritious and good for you. Factory farm animals consume a regular diet of GMO feed from genetically engineered crops like wheat, corn, and soy. So when you eat factory farm meats, you’re eating GMOs, too.

Genetically engineered organisms are freaks of nature that disrupt the basic genetic codes of our food supply.

3. Dangerous Consequences

The biotech industry is still relatively young, so the longer-range health consequences of GMOs are just beginning to surface. One study published in Lancet magazine was indicative of similar findings by different research groups:

Milk from cows injected with a genetically engineered growth hormone was shown to have significantly higher levels of insulin-like growth factor-1, a substance linked to cancers of the human breast, colon, and prostate.

If the biotech industry is so confident that GMO foods are safe, why have their advocates successfully fought against GMO labeling on foods?

4. Consumers Demand GMO Labeling

Year after year, countless consumer polls confirm that Americans overwhelmingly support GMO labeling. Polling statistics show that supporters number 89% to 95% of all total respondents. It is obvious that consumers are concerned about food safety and have the right to know if GMOs are in their foods.

What Food Labels Can You Trust?

In the absence of easy-to-understand GMO labeling, smart consumers can avoid the health risks of GMO foods by choosing products labeled Non-GMO Project Verified or USDA Certified Organic (learn more: GMO vs Organic).

Non-GMO Project Verified Snacks

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