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Low Carb Thanksgiving Grocery List

Written by Addie Martanovic on November 18, 2021


The holidays are such a magical time of the year. Celebrating special meals with friends and family, sharing stories, laughing and enjoying being together. And food is, of course, the centerpiece of it all especially at Thanksgiving! But it can be a little tricky if you are trying to follow a low carb diet surrounded by stuffing, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. Planning certainly becomes much more important and making sure you have the right things from the grocery store and in your kitchen become vital.

Don’t fret! Chomps is here to help you navigate the holidays. With an easy guide of low carb tips and tricks plus a printable Thanksgiving shopping list, you'll move through the season with ease. Because everyone should have incredible holiday meals, regardless of dietary needs. So, happy Thanksgiving and happy low carb eating!

Tips and Tricks

  • Be sure to have a stash of Chomps on hand for easy, nourishing and low carb friendly snacking!
  • Lay out your menu at least a week ahead of time. This will give you enough time to order things online and get what you need from the grocery store.
  • If you are going to another home for the holidays be sure to let them know you are eating low carb and that you’ll plan to bring a side dish that will be safe for you to enjoy.
  • Look up recipes and print out what you need. Keep all your recipes and menus together. Make a timeline of when you need to prepare things ahead of time and on the day of what time certain dishes need to get started in order to all be finished at the time you plan to eat. Make sure to print out this grocery list for Thanksgiving dinner to be fully prepared!


Thanksgiving Grocery List Staples

  • Chomps Turkey Jerky. Perfect for snacking or sautéing and adding into vegetable dishes for added low carb protein! Plus it’s the perfect flavor jerky to celebrate this time of the year.
    Turkey Jerky
  • Specifically Carrots, Celery, Onion. Referred to as “mirepoix” these three vegetables are the base for most recipes. Also the ideal base for stuffing, soups and great to chop up and stuff into the cavity of the turkey for additional flavor. These low carb and low calorie veggies are perfect to have on hand for seasoning as well as for low carb side dishes.
  • Specifically Sage, Rosemary, Thyme. Herbs are a great way to add calorie free and keto friendly flavor to any dish. And these classic holiday herbs can be used to season everything from stuffing to turkey to soup.
  • Good Quality Boxed Broth. If you can find keto turkey broth it’s so helpful to have on hand this time of the year! You can use it as the base for a delicious soup the day after the holidays to make a vegetable and leftover turkey meal. You can use it for your keto stuffing recipe (insert recipe link). You can use it to make gravy and so much more!
  • Keto Friendly Bread. Who doesn’t want a turkey sandwich the day after roasting a turkey? Also essential for making a low carb stuffing. Keep extra keto friendly bread in the freezer so you always have some low carb bread on hand.
  • An awesome anti-inflammatory way to add keto-friendly flavor to just about anything! Want a moist turkey? Use a spoon to spread some ghee under the skin of the turkey breast before roasting. Want delicious sauteed vegetables? Slice them all the same size and saute with ghee. Want to prevent dry, keto stuffing? Melt some ghee and drizzle on top of your mixture before baking.
  • Eggs are not only keto friendly but filled with Vitamin D for a great breakfast option when sauteed with some jerky and vegetables. Also good to add to your keto stuffing to help it stay moist and also prevent from being crumbly.
  • Cranberry Habanero Beef Jerky. Because nothing says holidays more than cranberries! Plus it’s a tasty protein filled snack or fun addition to a side dish. Easy to slice and saute to add some spice and sweetness. Need ideas? Saute off some sliced shallots, sliced cranberry habanero beef jerky and then add some steamed green beans. Toss and enjoy

Be sure to head to chomps.com and order everything you need for the holidays to ensure you are fully stocked and ready for an organized, delicious and low carb Thanksgiving menu.

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