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31 Paleo Snacks That Are Delicious, Healthy and Easy

Written by Nathan Phelps on May 17, 2024


Finding the best paleo snacks for your caveman diet doesn't have to be hard! There are so many options for delicious and natural paleo snacks that you can buy at stores, make yourself, give to your kids, and even get a little sweetness from!

If you've been struggling to figure out how to tide yourself over in between meals on paleo, you've come to the right place. We dug deep and pulled out all sorts of ideas big and small that you can use to up your paleo-snacking game with.

And remember that paleo is all about eating like days of old. That means eating natural and avoiding processed foods like dairy, grains, frozen food, canned food, etc. An easy shortcut is to try and stick as close to the source of whatever food you're eating.

Without further ado, here are our 31 best paleo snacks!

Store-Bought Paleo Snack Ideas

Snacks are kinda meant to be low-effort, right? You just open the pantry and bam! Hunger solved. Or at least that's the idea behind this category. You can buy these paleo snacks from your local grocery store, online, or from your farmer's market down the street. It's grab-and-go here, folks.

1. Chomps Snack Sticks

At Chomps, we take healthy dieting and eating seriously. That's why every one of our beef sticks is made from 100% grass-fed and finished beef and is certified gluten-free, paleo-approved, Whole30 approved, humane-raised, and non-GMO.

We don't mess around with nutrition, and that's exactly why paleo dieters everywhere love Chomps. They are the perfect paleo diet grab-n-go snack!

2. Almonds

The superior snacking nut, in my humble opinion. Almonds are calorie-dense paleo diet snacks that you can find just about anywhere. Almonds are also higher in fiber, calcium, vitamin E, riboflavin, and niacin than any other tree nut.

Stick to unflavored ones, though, as flavored almonds can sometimes include additives and preservatives that aren't allowed on a strict paleo diet.

3. Walnuts

While they aren't almonds, walnuts are another great nut option to have around for your paleo snacking needs. Not only do they taste great, but these paleo snacks are also super filling, rich in omega-3 fats, have a lot of antioxidants, may improve your brain's health, and may play a role in heart disease and cancer prevention.

4. Sunflower Seeds

For a cheaper option, why not embrace your inner road trip and eat some sunflower seeds? You can flavor them yourself, too!

They're also full of healthy fats, good plant compounds, and several vitamins.

5. RxBars

RxBars are one of the best paleo snacks because you know exactly what you're getting in each flavor — it's on the packaging, after all! All RxBars are paleo-friendly, so just choose your favorite flavor and get snacking!

6. Barnana Plantain Chips

I love a good plantain chip. They're rich, tasty, and aren't overly salty, and Barnana nails it with these paleo-friendly plantain chips! Pair a handful of these alongside some fresh fruits for a delicious midday snack.

7. Bearded Brothers Paleo Bars

If you want a brand that's similar to RxBar but is a bit more on the fruit end, then Bearded Brothers are a great option. They take pride in their transparency and only use natural sugars, making them a great paleo diet snack.

8. Primal Kitchen Chocolate Collagen Protein Bars

These Chocolate Collagen Protein bars from Primal Kitchen are great paleo snacks for when you're running late for work and need something to fill you up or if you're about to head to a hard workout and need a little extra energy.

Grab a box at the beginning of your paleo journey and don't look back!

9. Dang Coconut Chips

Coconut chips are fair game on paleo, and it's tough to beat Dang's spin on them. They only have 1g of natural sugar per serving and are great straight out of the bag or in salads!

10. Olives

Olives are one of those foods where bad olives are terrible but good olives are incredible. If you've doubted olives before, take the time to go to a fresh market or spend an extra dollar or two to get nice olives — you won't regret it!

They make for some of the best paleo snacks and are full of Vitamin E and useful antioxidants.

11. Dill Pickles

Pickles are my favorite paleo diet snacks, hands down. They are so tasty, are always refreshing, and have so few calories that you never really feel guilty for eating them. Just make sure you get regular dill pickles and avoid the sugary ones since those aren't Paleo.

12. GimMe Organic Seaweed Snacks

This seaweed snack is only organic seaweed, avocado oil, and salt. Nothing else! Seaweed is a great paleo snack idea because it is low in calories, high in fiber, and also gives you useful fatty acids and polyphenols.

Homemade Paleo Snacks

If you love to cook or are feeling a bit more hands-on, then we've got you covered, too. The next few paleo snack ideas are great to create during a meal prep so you can have something to eat in between meals or just snack your way through a meal when you need to.

A lot of these recipes are just classic recipes tweaked to be paleo-friendly. This usually means swapping traditional flour for nut flour or using dairy replacements. Enjoy!

13. Homemade Paleo Protein Bars

Homemade paleo bars with only five ingredients and one bowl? Yes, please. These delectable bars are a great and budget-friendly way to have your paleo snacks covered for the week.

14. Carrot Sticks and Paleo Ranch Dip

Keeping a jar of paleo ranch dip around and stocking your fridge with some healthy carrots and celery is a great way to snack without feeling guilty. All you need is some coconut milk, some homemade or paleo-approved mayo, and some spices!

15. Paleo Bread

Just because you have to give up wheat and processed grains doesn't mean you have to give up bread! Pick up some almond flour, get to baking, and enjoy the paleo-approved avocado egg sandwiches in your future!

16. Kale Chips

Kale chips are classic paleo diet snacks. I recommend taking the time to learn how to make these well. Kale chips are so simple but when you nail the execution they are so much better than when you accidentally cook them too long or not enough. This recipe will show you how to do it perfectly every time.

17. Avocado Lime Paleo Tuna Salad

I'm a sucker for a good tuna or chicken salad, and I was really happy to find that eating paleo doesn't affect these dishes much. This recipe is amazing! It feels a bit more Latin with the avocado and lime, and it would make a perfect main to your plantain chip side.

18. Paleo Chia Pudding

If you were big into the greek yogurt and overnight oats game, then meet your delicious paleo snack substitute. Just use chia seeds and coconut milk to get your fix!

19. Paleo Banana Nut Muffins

Never fear. Banana nut muffins are here. The coconut flour and oil in this recipe makes these paleo snacks taste more tropical, which really complements the banana well. Give them a shot — you won't regret it!

20. Plantain Chips

Plantain chips are cheap to make and wonderful fresh out of the oven. Eat them alongside fresh pineapple and lean fish for a healthy and delicious paleo meal. You also have a lot of freedom here — you could just add salt or you could add cinnamon and honey for a sweeter paleo fix!

21. Hard-Boiled Eggs

Never doubt a classic paleo diet snack. Boil a few hard-boiled eggs and add a little hot sauce or salt and pepper for a great, protein-rich snack. How runny the yoke is depends on you. Get all the details on how to make a perfect egg every time by reading this blog by Nom Nom Paleo!

Best Paleo Snacks for Kids

You may think Paleo doesn't seem too bad... and then the kids get involved. What kinds of paleo snacks can you keep around the house that will be good for both you and your kids? Well, they usually involve meat or snacks that look/feel like their traditional counterparts. These should help!

22. Original Beef Chomplings

Our Chomplings are a perfect fit for your little ones! They are just as healthy, grass-fed, and natural as their larger counterparts and come in all sorts of delicious flavors. Check out the perfect paleo-kid snack!

23. Homemade Sweet Potato Chips

What kids don't love chips? Bake some of these paleo snacks up and eat them over mayo or homemade ketchup. You can also make these into fries just as easily. Whatever shape your kids prefer, really!

24. Crunchy Paleo Granola Bars

One secret to a child's heart? Chocolate. Bake up these crunchy granola bars and rest assured that both you and your child are eating healthy and delicious paleo diet snacks.

25. Mini Paleo Pizza Bites

When in doubt, go with pizza, right? At least that's what midnight me always says. Getting your pizza fix during paleo isn't easy, but these pizza bites do a surprisingly good job. Plus, as long as you tell your kids that it's pizza, they will probably go for it.

Slightly Sweet Paleo Snack Ideas

Sometimes you just need a bit of that zing. That zang. That sweetness. Whether it's a Friday night after a long week or when you're settling in for a weeknight movie, it's nice to have a few paleo snacks that can satisfy the candy craver in all of us.

Here are a few sweeter paleo snack options for you. Just remember to balance out your snacking with less sugary options!

26. Oranges, Apples, and Other Fruits

Fruit is nature's candy, right? Now, you may not feel that way about bananas or apples, but throw some raspberries, pineapples, and mandarins in for a change. Treat these paleo snacks as your dessert instead, and you'll be able to go to bed with your sweet-tooth and diet-tooth satisfied.

27. Perfect Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

How good do these look? We were amazed at how good Paleo cookies can be. The recipe isn't that hard and you have tons of options for variations. Any paleo-approved topping you want to add is fair game.

28. No-Bake Chocolate Coconut Bars

Don't be intimidated by the picture. This recipe is actually pretty easy, and you will thank yourself for these amazing chocolate coconut bars! Plus, they're no-bake, so you can have them out in no time.

29. Paleo Avocado Ice Cream

I'm a big fan of non-dairy ice cream, and this homemade avocado ice cream recipe will show you why. Make a big batch and keep it in your fridge over the course of your diet. You won't regret it.

30. Paleo Banana Pudding

Banana pudding is one of my favorite desserts, and happens to be one of the best paleo snacks, too. This won't feel like your classic Southern banana pudding, but it is a delicious dessert to have during your diet. Make sure to add in the garnishes like the pecans and bananas and enjoy!

31. No-Bake Paleo Energy Balls

For when you want sweetness on the go, try these no-bake paleo energy balls. They are great for keeping you full and giving you a touch of sweetness. The secret is in the dates!

A Final Bit of Advice

Paleo is so rewarding and is a fantastic way to reach your health and weight loss goals. My advice is to go easy on yourself. Stick to the diet as much as you can, but look at your paleo pursuit as more of a way to adjust your lifestyle diet.

Instead of starting and stopping your dieting and eating radically different foods, why not stick to a mostly paleo snacks/healthier diet and occasionally give yourself the room to treat yourself guilt-free?

This balance is the key to a rewarding and healthy lifestyle, and I encourage you to find ways to both enjoy the food you eat and the way it makes you feel.

Good luck!

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