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10 Easy Whole30 Salmon Recipes

Written by Sara Nelson on January 08, 2020


Looking for Whole30 salmon recipes to kickstart and sustain your Whole30 diet journey? We've rounded up 10 of the best hassle-free and omega 3-rich salmon recipes to make your meals wholesome and delicious.

If you're new to this diet, you may be feeling overwhelmed with how exactly to remain compliant. The simple goal of Whole30 is to consume and cook whole foods for at least 30 days so that you can build a better relationship with food that actually nourishes the body. During this 30-day period, you'll need to altogether omit gluten, grains, dairy, MSG, legumes, added sugar, and alcohol.

While this may seem like a lot of foods to consider "off-limits," we think it's only fair to point out that this is probably one of the least restrictive, and consequently, easiest diets to follow. It's really just an encouragement for you to eat a variety of whole and unprocessed food and skip excesses. No forced calorie counting or macronutrient tracking, no point system, just you choosing healthy food over and over and over again for 30 days.

You may be familiar with the paleo diet and are wondering what makes paleo and Whole30 different. This is a great question! The main differences are that paleo allows added sugar, so long as it's naturally-occurring, like maple syrup, and that paleo is typically an ongoing diet lifestyle, whereas Whole30 has a start date and end date. Many paleo dieters find paleo through Whole30 and decide to follow it for the foreseeable future due to the success they found through Whole30, often in the form of better sleep, consistent energy, and decreased inflammation.

So, if improved overall health sounds like something you're interested in, then these Whole30 salmon recipes will definitely make your transition to Whole30 much easier and much more flavorful!

1. Broiled Whole30 Salmon

Broiled Salmon Recipe

This broiled salmon recipe possesses the delicious, complementary flavors you'd come to expect from an excellently seasoned and crisped salmon fillet. The caramelization of the salmon skin and salmon meat that you will achieve by following this recipe is phenomenal and the cooking time is just under 10 minutes.

If you're particular about the processing of marinating the fillets, then you can swap it out with your go-to Whole30 salmon marinade, OR you can follow the recipe to achieve the perfect charred crust with a delicate tang! Garnish it with chives and you're all set to impress the of all who you share this tasty Whole30 dinner with!

Get the recipe from The Castaway Kitchen.

2. Creamy Skillet Whole30 Salmon

creamy skillet salmon recipe

One of the best things about cooking with fish is how easily it cooks! Take this one-skillet salmon recipe, for example. The flavors meld together so well that every bite you get tastes rich and creamy. It's so deliciously thick and decadent that you'd hardly believe that it's a dairy-free recipe!

This creamy goodness is achieved by pan-searing the salmon first; this is done to lock in the flavor. Then, you will add in the rest of the Whole30-compliant ingredients. The recipe, as written, will give you 4 servings and would make for an impressive main course. Our tip? Double the recipe and have enough for leftovers throughout the week!

Get the recipe from Whole Kitchen Sink.

3. Easy Whole30 Salmon Salad Bowls

salmon salad recipe

Salad bowls often get a bad reputation for being bland and boring, but not this easy Whole30 salmon recipe! It's fresh, light, savory, and contains just the right amount of acidity. Honestly, pairing your salad with a nice baked salmon fillet, drizzled with an avocado-based dressing is just downright amazing!

Still not convinced that you need to bookmark this recipe? One serving has 5 grams of net carbs, 36 grams of protein, and 32 grams of fat! That is sure to keep you satiated and energized throughout the day. Not to mention, it isn't strict with the salad base at all, so you can feel free to use whatever greens you prefer. It's a salad, but it's unlike any salad you've ever had before!

Get the recipe from Real Simple Good.

4. Whole30 Salmon Cakes

Salmon Cake Recipe

Everybody needs a crunchy comfort food to munch on when the day gets a little bit too much handle, right? Don't worry! We've got just the dish to make your day. If you haven't tried making salmon cakes, then consider this a sign to whip a batch yourself! These golden Whole30 salmon patties will bring you a good dose of comfort without making you feel lethargic or bloated later.

So, what's the anatomy of a great salmon cake? Two things: 1. It has a crispy and crunchy exterior, and 2. It should have a flavorful, tender, and flaky interior. This recipe, no doubt, fulfills these two prerequisites and will definitely make for a tasty Whole30 meal!

What's more? It pairs perfectly alongside roasted vegetables, salads, or any other Whole30-compliant savory side dish!

Get the recipe from Dessert for Two.

5. Ginger Glaze Salmon with Rainbow Roasted Veggies

salmon with vegetables

This ginger glazed salmon with rainbow roasted veggies is a gorgeous feast for the eyes, but did you know that eating whole food with different hues come with a range of health benefits? Fruits and vegetables that are red or orange are great for your vision, greens boast a long list of nutrients that keep your body healthy, blue and purple ones are rich in antioxidants, yellows improve your mood, among other things. All of that to say: with every meal, eat the rainbow!

If you want a meal that will revitalize you, keep you satiated, and tastes heavenly, this is it!

Get the recipe from The Castaway Kitchen.

6. Whole30 Salmon with Lemon Garlic Aioli

salmon with lemon

There's never going to be too many salmon recipes to appease the Whole30 tribe. With so many flavors and combinations to explore, it would be such a shame to just try just one recipe and we've got a few more coming your way!

This scrumptious pan-seared salmon with lemon garlic aioli highlights the delicate flavor that you can only experience when eating salmon. Can you guess how long it would take to make this at home... by yourself? 30 minutes, give or take. That's right! In about half an hour, you will have 4 satisfying servings that will make a Whole30 foodie swoon. Now, that's time well spent!

We especially love this recipe for a quick paleo lunch as it requires little to no time in the kitchen and is light, yet satiating enough, to keep you energized throughout the remainder of your busy day!

Get the recipe from Tastes Lovely.

7. Sheet Pan Pesto Salmon

Sheet Pan Pesto Salmon

Here's an uncomplicated recipe that's going to blow your taste buds away!

What makes this an easy and time-efficient meal? Simple answer: it's a one-sheet pan recipe! One sheet pan meals are a meal prepper's best friend because you can just put the prepared ingredients on the pan, season, cook in the oven, serve and enjoy... and this sheet pan pesto salmon is no different! Plus, what's even better? One pan meals mean fewer dishes and less time spent in the kitchen!

This recipe used olive oil, but you can definitely use ghee if you'd prefer. The main purpose of using cooking fat, aside from the added flavor, is so that your food doesn't stick to the pan.

Now, you might be asking, "Can I use a different type of fish?" Yes, you can! Halibut and cod are a great alternative, but other flaky fish would work just as well. No matter which fish you go with, you'll be so happy you prepared this Whole30 salmon meal!

Get the recipe from Mary's Whole Life.

8. Whole30 Salmon Coconut Curry

Salmon Coconut Curry

If you're up for a warm, comforting, one-pot dish that's aromatic, creamy, with a nice kick to it, then you'll love this Thai salmon curry!

There are actually three types of Thai curries: red, green, and yellow. They all have a distinct curry flavor to them, but each of the three has a unique blend of herbs and spices. This recipe, in particular, uses a yellow curry because it incorporates ginger, coriander, and turmeric.

You can enjoy a bowl of salmon coconut curry "as is", or with some plain cauliflower rice as a Whole30-compliant substitute to steamed long-grain jasmine rice.

Get the recipe from Real Balanced.

9. Whole30 Salmon Béarnaise & Broccolini

Salmon Béarnaise & Broccolini

If you're hosting a dinner party and have been looking for a fancy, yet nutrient-dense main entrée to serve and impress your diet-conscious guests with, then this dish is for you!

Now, you're probably wondering what Béarnaise is and why it looks familiar; that's because this sauce is related to Hollandaise sauce, one of the five mother sauces used in French haute cuisine. What's amazing about Béarnaise sauce is that it's dairy-free, gluten-free, grain-free, low-carb, and Whole30-friendly. It's traditionally used for steaks and as a topping for eggs benedict but tastes equally divine when poured over this broiled salmon with broccolini.

But, don't just take our word for it! Give this recipe a go and taste it for yourself!

Get the recipe from Sizzle Fish.

10. Whole30 Spicy Baked Salmon

Whole30 Spicy Baked Salmon

Remember when we told you that Whole30 foods don't need to be bland or boring? Well, you don't have to skip the spicy kick either! This spicy baked salmon is a testament to just how far culinary creatives will go to move the needle towards mouthwatering food!

What sets this dish apart though is that it can be enjoyed either warm or cold. Eating it after it's baked seems like the best, if not the only option since nobody wants to eat a dry fish, but we're here to debunk that myth. Actually, you can enjoy it three ways: 1. Warm or as soon as it's cooked, 2. Room-temperature with some side salad, and 3. Cold... yep, like straight-from-the-fridge-cold. It probably sounds odd, but reheating baked salmon may dehydrate it beyond palatability. Our personal favorite way to serve? Right out of the refrigerator, cold, with a side salad! Yum!

Get the recipe from Every Last Bite.

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