Inside Chomps Meat Sticks

Our Sourcing Practices

When it comes to eating meat, there are no shortcuts for high-quality products. This is why we go to great lengths to source from farmers who are committed to treating their land and their animals right - from how they let them roam, to what they feed them.

Protecting the environment plays a big part in our sourcing decisions, too. Our farmers practice natural regenerative agriculture methods, like rotational grazing, which means they’re caring for the grass and the land first so both the animals and the environment benefit.


We’re dedicated to taking steps to protect our environment now and for future generations. We are working toward a net positive impact by sourcing from farmers that follow natural regenerative agriculture methods, like rotational grazing.

Animal Welfare

As nature intended, our animals are raised on open pastures their entire lives and are never treated with antibiotics or hormones. All of our farmers humanely raise animals, and the facilities are regularly audited to certify all animal welfare guidelines.


Chomps meat sticks are packed with high-quality protein - grass-fed and finished beef and venison and free-range, antibiotic-free turkey. Our dried meat snack products contain no added sugar or harmful ingredients and are free of the top eight allergens.

100% Grass-fed & finished

Beef Meat Sticks

Originating from the pastures of Tasmania, our beef is sourced from Cape Grim Beef, a network of farmers who are dedicated to producing the highest-quality sustainable beef and proudly carry the Certified Humane seal.

Free Range

Turkey Meat Sticks

CHOMPS turkey hails from two domestic sources. Our organic free-range turkey is derived from Pitman Farm's/Mary's Turkeys in California, and our free-range, antibiotic free turkey comes from Ferndale Market in Cannon Falls, MN.

Sustainably Farmed

Venison Meat Sticks

Our free range, grass-fed venison is sourced from the scenic farms of Duncan Venison in New Zealand. The Duncan family is New Zealand’s leading specialized venison processor, and has a long history and reputation for their quality and integrity.

The benefits of Chomps

We take pride in our products being high quality, and that means starting with the best sourcing, sustainability and animal welfare practices.

Zero Added Sugar

No added sugar, naturally have low or no carbs and are loaded with top quality, lean protein.

Free From Top 8 Allergens

No wheat, dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, fish or shellfish are found in our products.

No Fillers

You will never find additives or hidden ingredients in Chomps.

No Nitrates or Nitrites

We use sea salt and celery juice to achieve 13 months of shelf stability.

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Full Size Jerky Sticks (1.15 oz)

  • 0g

    Added Sugar

  • 9-10g


  • 60-100



Mini Jerky Sticks (.5oz)

  • 0g

    Added Sugar

  • 4-5g


  • 30-40