Keto Oatmeal: 10 Satisfying Low-Carb "Noatmeal" Recipes
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Keto Oatmeal: 10 Satisfying Low-Carb "Noatmeal" Recipes

Written by Sara Nelson on April 14, 2019


We all know the importance of incorporating a healthy breakfast into our morning routine, but it can be challenging to find the time to prepare anything before our busy work days begin. Not to mention that most quick-and-easy breakfast recipes are incredibly high in carbohydrate content, something that won’t work for those who follow a low-carb diet.

So, if you follow a low-carb diet and need some insight into what you should be including in your weekly meal plan, you’re going to want to take a look at these noatmeal recipes!

But, before we get to the recipes, we have to ask:

What Is Noatmeal?

A breakfast dish that is inspired by traditional oatmeal, noatmeal is a delicious and keto-friendly option that is low in carbs and full of flavor!

Recently, noatmeal recipes have been gaining in popularity, which is unsurprising as this delicious breakfast meal contains minimal net carbohydrates, is simple to prepare and is a great on-the-go choice for busy weekday mornings.

And, the best part about noatmeal? It’s a totally customizable dish that can be made and garnished based on your personal taste and diet preferences.

Ingredients for Low-Carb Oatmeal

If you follow a ketogenic diet and are unfamiliar with noatmeal, the most important thing to know about this dish, like other low-carb recipes, is that the exact ingredients chosen matter.

Why? Because quick oats, steel-cut oats, old fashioned oats, and instant oats all contain high carbohydrate contents, thereby not making them a good option for those who follow a keto diet. Nuts, seeds, and spices, on the other hand, are low in net carbs and, instead of traditional oats, are used in noatmeal to keep the carb content low.

To further ensure the carb content is kept to a minimal level, the type of sweetener used in noatmeal is important, as items such as honey and maple syrup will skyrocket the carb content.

To sweeten noatmeal, low-carb sweeteners such as stevia and monk fruit are great options. Or, if you prefer to stay away from added sweeteners, topping your noatmeal with fresh berries, a low-carb fruit, will add sweetness and texture to your dish!

In its most basic form, noatmeal is made with high-fiber nuts and seeds, such as hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, and slivered almonds, and other filling and nutrient-dense ingredients, like shredded coconut and collagen peptides.

For added flavor, you can even add low-carb sweetener and spices, such as cinnamon.

Similar to traditional oatmeal, various liquids can be used during the cooking process, but the preferred varieties are almond milk, cream, or water, as these all contain little to no carbs.

Keto-Friendly Oatmeal in No Time!

One of the major benefits of having these noatmeal recipes readily on-hand and available to you is that they can be made in minimal time and the resulting dishes are extremely filling!

Gone are the days that you eat breakfast and are left feeling groggy and hungry a short while later! The noatmeal recipes included in this list all contain a significant amount of fiber, which our bodies digest slowly, thereby keeping us fuller longer and won’t instantly skyrocket our blood sugar levels.

Whether you are looking for a straightforward noatmeal recipe or craving something with a variety of flavors, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for by checking out the low carb oatmeal recipes included in this list!


1. My Favorite Noatmeal (aka Low Carb Oatmeal)

My Favorite Noatmeal (aka Low Carb Oatmeal)

If you are interested in playing around with and adding a variety of different flavors to your noatmeal, then this is the recipe for you! In this recipe, you’ll find the exact instructions to many different flavor options including, but not limited to, maple walnut, almond joy, and even piña colada! How fun is that?!

With multiple variations of ingredients to include, this low-carb oatmeal option can be made in so many delicious ways, can be whipped up in only five minutes, and is sure to keep you full and focused for hours to come!

Per serving: 334 calories, 29g fat, 2g net carbs, 15g protein

Get the recipe from Healthy Sweet Eats.


2. Keto Oatmeal (“Noatmeal”) – Oat-Free

Keto Oatmeal (“Noatmeal”) – Oat-Free

With the amount of flavor jam-packed into every bite of this keto noatmeal, you’d never guess that the main ingredient in this recipe is cauliflower! Yes, you read that right, cauliflower! Sweetened in all the right ways, the resulting dish tastes just like traditional oatmeal without the exceedingly high carbohydrate content.

This noatmeal is prepared with canned coconut milk, a pantry-staple for many people who follow a ketogenic diet and is sweetened with liquid stevia and fresh raspberries. As an added boost, this noatmeal contains collagen peptides, a protein-packed superfood that supports healthy skin, bones, and joints. The addition of collagen peptides in this recipe won’t alter the flavor, but will add essential proteins into the dish! You can’t go wrong with that!

Per serving: 380 calories, 30g fat, 6g net carbs, 16g protein

Get the recipe from Bulletproof Blog.


3. Easy 5 Minute Keto Noatmeal

Easy 5 Minute Keto Noatmeal

In this quick and easy noatmeal recipe, you won’t find any extra added "frills". Made with minimal and wholesome ingredients, you will love this particular recipe if you just want to stick to the basics and have a hearty, warming, and delicious low-carb breakfast to start your day off on the right foot!

As an option, this recipe can be altered to be even more diet-friendly as you can make this dish vegetarian- and vegan-compliant by substituting the butter with coconut oil. This substitution from butter to coconut oil eliminates any sourcing from an animal, yet won’t hinder the flavor or carb content in any way.

Per serving: 274.1 calories, 21.5g fat, 4.6 net carbs, 5.4g protein

Get the recipe from Low Carb Spark.


4. Maple Flavored Low Carb Oatmeal

Maple Flavored Low Carb Oatmeal

This particular noatmeal recipe contains walnuts, pecans, and sunflower seeds, which all boost both the fiber and protein content to ensure you are energized and satiated after you finish a bowl!

As an added extra flavor bonus, this low carb oatmeal uses maple flavoring, which is an ingredient that will remind you of pure maple syrup, yet doesn’t have the high carbohydrate and sugar content. Plus, you can also add fresh berries, slivered almonds, or drizzled nut butter atop your low carb oatmeal, which will add additional texture, sweetness, and healthy nutrients!

Per serving: 374 calories, 34.59g fat, 3.27 net carbs, 9.25g protein

Get the recipe from My PCOS Kitchen.


5. 5-Minute Low Carb N’oats

5-Minute Low Carb N’oats

Not only does this noatmeal recipe contain a myriad of essential vitamins and minerals, but it also has an extra boost of healthy fats with the addition of vanilla-flavored MCT oil powder. If you are unfamiliar, MCT oil powder is a shelf-stable and keto-friendly ingredient that can easily be added to coffee, smoothies, and even dishes like this low carb oatmeal!

"MCT" is an acronym for "medium-chain triglyceride", which is a particular type of fat that is typically derived from coconut oil. The benefits of including MCT oil in your ketogenic diet are immense, but the major advantages of incorporating it include improved cognitive function, stable energy, and long-lasting satiation.

This noatmeal recipe is a fantastic option for days you need a quick and easy breakfast and are prepared for a busy day to come. Just one bowl will keep you full and focused for hours!

Per serving: 584 calories, 44g fat, 1g net carbs, 31g protein

Get the recipe from Perfect Keto.


6. Noatmeal (Oat-Free "Oatmeal")

Noatmeal (Oat-Free "Oatmeal")

In this recipe, you’ll find simple ingredients that are bursting with delicious flavors! The addition of cocoa powder and peanut butter to this noatmeal takes the resulting dish to an entirely new level and, as an extra boost of sweetness, you can top your bowl of noatmeal with ripe, fresh blueberries!

Looking to lower the carbohydrate content here? Try substituting the maple syrup with monk fruit-sweetened maple-flavored syrup, or altogether eliminate the syrup and allow the blueberries alone to sweeten the dish! You could even add a pinch of stevia or a teaspoon of granulated monk fruit sweetener if you’re craving a breakfast oatmeal dish like you grew up eating!

Per serving: 428 calories, 30.9g fat, 19.8g net carbs, 10.5g protein

Get the recipe from All Recipes.


7. Hot Cinnamon Ricotta Noatmeal

Hot Cinnamon Ricotta Noatmeal

After taking a bite of this low carb oatmeal, you’d never know the creaminess is the result of ricotta cheese! Including ricotta in this dish makes the oatmeal filling while not increasing the carb content. The key to limiting the carbohydrates in the final product is to purchase high-quality ricotta cheese that is minimally processed and sourced locally; this type of ricotta cheese contains a lesser amount of carbs than its generic counterpart.

This Hot Cinnamon Ricotta Noatmeal is a delicious and filling breakfast meal that can be whipped together in under five minutes and only contains four ingredients that you likely already have in your kitchen! It doesn’t get much better or easier than that!

Per serving: 578 calories, 56g fat, 1g net carbs, 15g protein

Get the recipe from Wicked Stuff.


8. Low Carb Keto Overnight Oatmeal

Low Carb Keto Overnight Oatmeal

Just the thought of this overnight low carb oatmeal recipe has us drooling! Full of flavor, this recipe is the ultimate breakfast choice, especially for those who have limited time to whip together a filling breakfast before work.

In only five minutes, you can make this keto-friendly and nut-free dish the night before and have it in the refrigerator waiting for you the next morning to grab-and-go on your way out the door!

Per serving: 250 calories, 17g fat, 1g net carbs, 18g protein

Get the recipe from Big Man's World.


9. Low Carb Oatmeal

Low Carb Oatmeal in a Mason Jar

Made with shredded coconut, chia seeds, and flaked almonds, this low carb oatmeal recipe has a high concentration of important vitamins and minerals, contains a healthy amount of protein, and is ultra-low in carbohydrates!

At its most simple level, this recipe can be prepared in minutes, but, with a few extra seconds of time, can have its flavors taken to a whole new level by completing one simple step: toasting the coconut and almonds! Doing this will bring out a tasty, nutty component that adds an entirely new layer of taste!

Per serving: 314 calories, 23g fat, 1g net carbs, 11g protein

Get the recipe from Fat for Weight Loss.


10. 5-Minute Keto Oatmeal

5-Minute Keto Oatmeal

The layers of ingredients in this keto oatmeal are bursting with flavor that will instantly take you back to the breakfasts you enjoyed as a child!

Made in five minutes flat, you won’t find any complicated instructions in this recipe: just mix everything together and voilà, a delicious, wholesome, and warming breakfast that will keep you full to take on whatever your day might bring! If, however, you’re looking for some added texture and fresh flavor, try adding some blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries, all of which add to this low carb noatmeal’s antioxidant and fiber content!

Per serving: 300 calories, 27g fat, 5g net carbs, 6g protein

Get the recipe from Keto Summit.

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