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20 Easy Weight Watchers Ground Turkey Recipes

Written by Sara Nelson on November 30, 2020


Do you have ground turkey sitting in your refrigerator and are unsure how to prepare it? 

Try one of these 20 Weight Watchers ground turkey recipes and have dinner on the table and meals prepped for the rest of the week in no time!

Over the years, Weight Watchers has released a variety of weight loss plans. You can choose whichever program best fits your lifestyle based on what level of accountability you're able to stick to and how strict you want to be with your weight loss goals. With each plan, you are allotted a daily or weekly amount of points, and you can base your meal choices on this set number.

Once you've chosen your plan, start mapping out your weekly menu by deciding what meals you want to eat and when.  If you're wondering if ground turkey is Weight Watchers friendly, you'll be happy to know that, so long as it's labeled "breast", "extra-lean", or is at least 98% fat-free, you're off to a great start simply by using this protein!

If you're new to WW or even if you've been following WW for quite some time, these WW ground turkey recipes are sure to add a fun spin to your meal rotation. 

Whether you're looking for a 30-minute-or-less Weight Watchers recipe, a freezer meal, or just a quick appetizer, we have you covered. Take a look and find a new and delicious way to incorporate ground turkey into your diet!

1. Bacon Ranch Garlic Turkey Burgers

Ground turkey recipes

These turkey burgers are juicy and flavorful! To shape the burger patties, the ground turkey is bound together with an egg and breadcrumbs, which helps them to stay together when cooking. The patties can either be grilled or cooked on a skillet, based on your preferences.

These burgers would make for a family-friendly meal, especially if served alongside your favorite Weight Watchers-friendly side dish!

Get the recipe from Pound Dropper.

2. Firecracker Ground Turkey

The ultimate combination of sweet and spicy, this Firecracker Ground Turkey is one of our favorite ground turkey recipes for WW as it can be made and served in just 15 minutes!

The secret to sweetening this ground turkey recipe? Unsweetened applesauce!

If you meal prep it over the weekend, you'll have a delicious dinner ready to eat throughout the week that will keep you full, focused, and one step closer to your goals.

Get the recipe from Lite Cravings.

3. Baked Chimichangas

Weight Watchers Chimichangas

This chimichanga recipe is made with ingredients like ground turkey, whole wheat tortillas, salsa, refried beans, peppers, and spices, which yield a resulting dish that is flavorful.

With simple and straightforward instructions to follow, this would be a fantastic recipe for novice chefs who want to make a delicious and familiar dish.

Get the recipe from Nesting Lane.

4. Korean-Inspired Ground Turkey

Korean Inspired Ground Turkey

This Korean-inspired ground turkey recipe is perfectly spicy, savory, and sweet. It can be served over rice, alongside or on top of steamed vegetables, or even inside lettuce wraps.

With just 3 simple instruction steps to follow, you can prepare, cook, and serve this dish in less than 20 minutes.

Get the recipe from Emily Bites.

5. 6-Ingredient Turkey-Crust Pizza

This pizza's crust is made from a mixture of ground turkey, egg whites, cream cheese, and spices, making it protein-packed, low in WW points and extra flavorful.

This easy dinner recipe can be made in just 30 minutes and would make for a great weeknight meal for the family.

Get the recipe from Hungry Girl.

6. Healthy Baked Beans With Ground Turkey

If you need a WW side dish to serve alongside your main meal, this baked bean recipe is a perfect choice! This recipe uses a variety of beans, like canned baked beans, black beans, and dark red kidney beans, along with ground turkey, brown sugar, and onions.

You can cook this dish on the stovetop or, alternatively, in your Instant Pot or pressure cooker, depending on what is easiest for you. If you decide to cook the beans in an Instant Pot, you can have this dish on the table in no time!

Get the recipe from My Crazy Good Life.

7. Weight Watchers Turkey Meatloaf

Searching for a healthy spin on a classic meal? This meatloaf recipe is a total winner! The meatloaf includes ingredients like ground turkey, rolled oats, eggs, onion, spices, and more.

The total time to make this meal and serve it is shortly over an hour, so it's something that could absolutely be made to enjoy the night of or even prepared in advance to have for leftovers later in the week.

Get the recipe from Nesting Lane.

8. Spiced Turkey and Butternut Squash Skillet

If you like meals with bold flavors, this ground turkey and squash skillet will be your new favorite WW meal! It's a one-pot meal that is nutrient-dense.

To make preparing this dish as easy as possible, save time and a headache by purchasing pre-cut butternut squash. If you go this route, you'll be able to serve this main dish in just 30 minutes.

Get the recipe from Lite Cravings.

9. Mushroom Swiss Turkey Burger Bowl

Opt for a bunless burger by whipping up this turkey burger bowl! All you have to do is cook the ground turkey and mushrooms before mixing it with cream cheese and mustard, then layer the mixture on top of lettuce and garnish with cheese and tomatoes.

This is a high-protein meal that would be a great choice for meal-prepping workday lunches.

Get the recipe from Hungry Girl.

10. Buffalo Turkey Meatballs With Skinny Ranch Dressing

These buffalo turkey meatballs are sure to be a hit for family dinners! They require minimal ingredients and are best served alongside some homemade ranch.

We especially love this recipe because these meatballs can be made in advance, frozen, and then served later, so if you need WW freezer meals, this dish would be a perfect option!

Get the recipe from Skinny Kitchen.

11. Turkey Sausage Mini Frittatas

These mini breakfast frittatas are a dairy-free WW recipe that makes early morning meals on-the-go so simple and satisfying!

Instead of using milk or heavy cream, almond milk is used, making this dish low in points yet still extra flavorful. In addition to almond milk, ground turkey, spices, fresh spinach, and eggs are the only other ingredients you'll need!

They are easy to make, Weight Watchers-friendly, satiating, and so delicious! It doesn't get much better than that!

Get the recipe from Emily Bites.

12. Turkey Meatballs in Dijon Gravy

This recipe for ground turkey meatballs is anything but boring. Seasoned breadcrumbs, onion, and spices come together to yield a dish that is packed with flavor.

The best part? The Dijon mustard gravy! This gravy is so simple to make, yet is easily the best part of this meal.

Serve the cooked meatballs with the gravy, and you will be shocked that this is a Weight Watchers ground turkey recipe  healthy meal — it's that good!

Get the recipe from Lite Cravings.

13. Turkey Chili Mac & Cheese

Another Weight Watchers freezer meal, this macaroni and cheese chili is absolutely mouthwatering!

You can make a large batch and then freeze it in portions in storage bags. When you're ready to eat, simply thaw and microwave to heat. If you are craving a comforting and familiar dish, be sure to bookmark this one!

Get the recipe from Pointed Kitchen.

14. Chipotle Turkey Breast Casserole

Batch cook this chicken (sub: turkey breast) casserole in advance and have WW freezer meals ready to eat when you need them!

This is a recipe that can be easily customized based on your taste preferences. Fan of spicy food? Add some extra chipotle paste! Don't have cans of both black beans and pinto beans on-hand? Use cans of mixed beans!

Top the final dish with some Greek yogurt, serve, and enjoy this tasty and filling dish!

Get the recipe from Pointed Kitchen.

15. Weight Watchers Goulash

Have you tried goulash before? It's a soup that includes a mixture of meat, vegetables, and spices. In this particular Weight Watchers ground turkey dish, you'll use ground turkey, spices, and a variety of flavorful and low-point vegetables, like onion, zucchini, and bell peppers.

Across the board of all of WW's plans it’s a great option for a meal to eat to end your day.

Get the recipe from My Crazy Good Life.

16. Turkey Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms

Turkey stuffed mushrooms are a great option for a hearty and flavorful appetizer to enjoy during fall and winter!

You can combine the ground turkey and spices and let them sit in the refrigerator together to enhance the mushroom-filling flavor. This isn't a required step, but it's highly recommended to take this appetizer to the next level!

If you follow the recipe exactly, you'll end up with 30 mushrooms, which is a perfect amount for serving to friends and family at a holiday party! Have more people attending? Double the recipe for even more stuffed mushrooms for guests to enjoy!

Get the recipe from Emily Bites.

17. Turkey Meatballs and Cauliflower Rice Soup

This meatball soup recipe is warming and wholesome. You can double the recipe to yield a large batch of soup, eat some this week, and then freeze the rest to eat later.

To save time when preparing the dish, use bagged cauliflower rice rather than spending any extra effort ricing it yourself; you can, however, buy a head of cauliflower and rice it in your food processor if you don't have any riced cauliflower on hand!

Get the recipe from Skinny Kitchen.

18. Lightened Up Ziti Bake

The original recipe for this ziti bake uses ground beef, but you can substitute ground turkey in at a 1:1 ratio! 

Using ziti noodles, ricotta cheese, sauce, and more, the resulting dish is full of flavor and will provide you with an extra dose of protein.

Get the recipe from The Pound Dropper.

19. Mexican Zucchini and Ground Turkey

Perfectly seasoned, this zucchini and ground turkey can be served in bowls and would make for a perfect weeknight dinner. It's a dish that requires minimal effort to prepare as you will only need to chop up a few ingredients and then cook everything in one pan.

Get the recipe from Skinny Me Recipes.

20. Instant Pot Cheesy Turkey Burger Macaroni

This turkey burger macaroni is a Weight Watchers Instant Pot recipe favorite! In just 30 minutes, you can have 8 servings of this mac and cheese on the table and ready to eat.

We especially love that there are only 10 required ingredients (including spices!).

If you don't own an Instant Pot, no problem. You can make this recipe just as easily in a slow cooker!

Get the recipe from Dash of Herbs.

Explore Weight Watchers Recipes

When you follow any meal plan or diet, it can feel as if your options are limited, but in reality, the possibilities are endless! 

Whether you recently joined Weight Watchers or have been sticking with it for years, explore our blog page for WW ground beef recipes, WW snack recipes, and more!

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