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12 Gifts for the Meat Lover In Your Life

Written by Addie Martanovic on December 21, 2022


If you’re on the lookout for gift ideas to give the meat lover in your life this holiday season, look no further than this roundup we’ve put together. From the dad who needs a new pair of knives for the kitchen to your husband who keeps stealing your beef jerky in between his work meetings, we’ve got everyone on your list covered. 

Nothing says happy holidays quite like a high quality variety of snacks or a gift box packed with some of your loved one’s favorite items.

1. Stainless Steel Knives 

The gift that keeps on giving for the chef in your life - a new set of stainless steel knives (steak knives definitely included). We love these ones from Made In Cookware as they come in a few different colors but the black is our favorite. 

2. Cutting Board

Everyone needs a cutting board to prepare and slice their meat on and if you’re looking to upgrade your dad, brother, husband or son’s current kitchen gear, try this gorgeous wooden cutting board. Another way to get creative with gifting a cutting board would be to engrave their favorite recipe or name onto the board for a personal touch.

charcuterie board

If your loved one’s strong suits doesn’t include cooking you can still give them a cutting board to create a cheese board on. If you want extra credit, create a meat and cheese gift basket with their favorite meat and cheese selections. Check out our guide to a heathy charcuterie board for ideas.

3. Cast Iron Skillet

If you’ve cooked meat before in a cast iron skillet, you know that nothing beats it. For those who can’t access their grill in the winter, we love this Le Creuset Cast Iron Grill Pan that comes in a few colors. When using this inside they can get those classic grill marks on their steak that they know and love.

4. Meat Seasonings 

During the holidays many retailers often sell gift boxes with meat seasonings, salts, or sauces. We love this as an option for a stocking stuffer for the meat lover in your life because seasonings are usually something they can run through pretty quickly. This Butcher’s Block Seasoning Set gives them a little bit of everything but if you’re wanting something on the smaller side, check out this set of 3 smaller spice blends. 

5. BBQ Sauces

If you have a meat lover in your life, they most likely are also a huge sauce lover which means no meat can be complete without a sauce on the side. We recently tried this array of tender and wing sauces from Lillie’s Q and have become huge fans. Whether you’re a buffalo or barbecue fan, you can’t go wrong with any of these flavor-packed sauces. This BBQ Essentials Gift Box comes with 3 sauces and 3 sets of spice rubs for under $50. 

6. Beef Jerky 

We may be biased but beef jerky is the essential stocking stuffer for those who love snacks and are always looking for no-sugar-added protein options. One Chomps Original Beef  stick is packed with 10g of protein and only 100 calories which makes for the perfect holiday snack in between your gift wrapping and snow shoveling. Chomps are the perfect addition any snack gift basket needs!

meat stick gift

Pro-tip: Chomps sticks are also a great addition to any charcuterie board for the holiday season.

7. Meat Subscription Box

For the busy guy in your life who often doesn’t have time to run to the grocery store, a meat subscription box that comes at the same time every few weeks is a great gift option. We recommend ButcherBox as they usually always do free add-ons, like a free pack of bacon or chicken wings, or another option is Thrive Market. 

8. Hot Sauce 

From barbecue sauces to hot sauce, a gift box of hot sauces that range in spice level is always loved by the meat lover who claims his meat is “never spicy enough”. This variety pack of hot sauces from TRUFF not only is aesthetically pleasing but gives you a little bit of everything. 

9. Flavored Salts 

In need of a gourmet gift? Salts that are infused with spices and seasonings can turn any simple dish into something extraordinary. For a set under $50, we would recommend this set with 6 different infused salts from fennel salt to truffle salt. 

10. A Pizza Ornament 

If you have a meat lover in your life, they most likely are also a pizza lover. Who doesn’t love a good pepperoni or sausage pizza? Or a meat lover pizza that has both? If you’re doing an early gift exchange with loved ones, this would be a simple gift option so they can hang it on their tree before Christmas. 

11. Meat Thermometer 

For the dad who constantly overcooks his steak, order this meat thermometer for him from Yummly. Essentially you place the thermometer inside of your meat and while it cooks, you can see the exact temperature on an app connected to your phone. You set the exact temperature you want and once the thermometer hits that, your meat is ready. This is the gadget is the perfect meat gift  every new cook needs in their life. 

12. A Cookbook

Whether you’re a meat lover or just looking to learn some new recipes to create for your family, a cookbook is a timeless gift (even if it ends up being used as a coffee table book for guests!). A few of our favorite cookbooks (that include meat recipes) are:

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