Chompcast Episode 8: Registered Dietitian, Christina Chu
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Chompcast Episode 8: Registered Dietitian, Christina Chu

Written by Addie Martanovic on November 30, 2022

Every week on Chompcast, our co-founders Pete and Rashid interview industry leaders, aspiring and current business owners for 15-30 minute ‘fireside chats’. Together, they'll be sharing valuable insights, learnings, advice and anecdotes. 
Within each episode, you'll leave with key takeaways and valuable information from the people Pete and Rashid get the honor to speak with. 
On this week's episode of Chompcast, Pete and Rashid interviewed a friend of Chomps and previous Chompian of the Month, Christina Chu, MS, RDN, LDN. She is a Chicago-based Performance Dietitian helping athletes achieve peak performance through food. Rashid and Pete cover a whole lot of nutrition - including when is the best time to eat Chomps, weight cuts for athletes like boxers, how she started working for herself in the midst of Covid - and more during this specific conversation. We hope you enjoy!
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