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Chompcast Episode 11: Co-founder and Co-CEO of Beckon Ice Cream, Gwen Burlingame

Written by Addie Martanovic on January 19, 2023



Every week on Chompcast, our co-founders Pete and Rashid interview industry leaders, aspiring and current business owners for 15-30 minute ‘fireside chats’.
Together, they'll be sharing valuable insights, learnings, advice and anecdotes.
Within each episode, you'll leave with key takeaways and valuable information from the people Pete and Rashid get the honor to speak with.
On this week's episode of Chompcast, Pete and Rashid sat down to chat lactose-free (but dairy-full!) ice cream with Beckon Ice Cream's co-founder, Gwen Burlingame. They touch on how to market effectively to consumers that might be steered away from the terms "lactose-free" who just want to enjoy ice cream, how Pete Davidson was captured enjoying Beckon Ice Cream in a movie (and how the team made that happen!), the common issues that fellow CPG brands and entrepreneurs often run into and more. We hope you enjoy this one!

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