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Chompcast Episode 10: Kaitlyn Kobida and Stacey Hartnett, Director and VP of E-Commerce

Written by Addie Martanovic on November 30, 2022


Every week on Chompcast, our co-founders Pete and Rashid interview industry leaders, aspiring and current business owners for 15-30 minute ā€˜fireside chatsā€™. Together, they'll be sharing valuable insights, learnings, advice and anecdotes.

Within each episode, you'llĀ leave with key takeaways and valuable information from the people Pete and Rashid get the honor to speak with.

On this week's episode of Chompcast, Pete and Rashid did their second interview with members of their very own Chomps team. This time around, they interviewed Kaitlyn Kobida, Director of E-Commerce and Stacey Hartnett, the VP of E-Commerce & Marketing. If you're in the CPG space wanting to hear how to handle the DTC space, this one's for you. Stacey and Kaitlyn go through how Chomps got started online first and continues to grow on platforms like Amazon, Thrive Market and Instacart while constantly improving the customer journey. We hope you enjoy!

To listen to the full episode on Spotify,Ā head here.Ā 

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