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Healthy Stocking Stuffers

Written by Sharon Lehman on November 29, 2021



They say the best things come in small packages and we have to agree—there’s a special joy and old-fashioned charm in discovering little trinkets and treasures stuffed into your holiday stocking. Plus, stocking stuffers are fun to shop for!

Some of the best stocking stuffers are small snacks, but store displays are full of processed snack stocking stuffers and sugar-filled treats this time of year. It can be tough to find healthy stocking treats that feel festive but aren’t full of sugar, artificial colors, or other undesired ingredients for the health-conscious friends and family on your shopping list.

We created this list to help you select snacks and treats that feel special enough to tuck into a stocking and still support healthy eating habits. From decadent dark chocolate to spiced jerky, there’s a snack stocking stuffer sure to please everyone’s tastes. Here are some of our favorite healthy food stocking stuffers to give and receive this holiday season.



Christmas snacks

Move aside, candy canes. CHOMPS individually wrapped jerky sticks fit perfectly into a stocking and are a good source of protein with zero sugar or sticky mess. They come in in beef, turkey, or venison and a variety of flavors that are fun to sample. For a little taste of everything, pick up a Jerky Variety Pack.

Dark Chocolate

Skip the milk chocolate snowmen and drop a quality dark chocolate bar or pack of truffles into stockings instead. Dark chocolate contains more cacao than milk chocolate. Cacao contains beneficial antioxidants and phytochemicals. Look for dark chocolate that is at least 70% cacao and has less than 10 grams of added sugar per serving.


Nuts are one of the healthiest snacks for a variety of diets. They’re a good source of protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. Many nut products, including roasted flavored nuts and trail mixes, are sneaky sources of added sugar and oils. Look for dry roasted or raw nuts or buy a few varieties and make your own healthier snack mix with assorted nuts, seeds, and dark chocolate chips to give.

Fruit Leather Strips and Dehydrated Fruit

Dehydrated Fruit Gift Basket

Fruit leather is a good alternative to gummy candy and baked apple chips or freeze-dried berries can satisfy a craving for a crunchy snack. Look for snacks made with 100% fruit, which will taste naturally sweet without any added sugar and are made without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Snack Bars

Individually wrapped granola bars and protein bars are a natural fit for stocking stuffing. You can find snack bars in sweet and savory flavors to fit all eating styles and dietary restrictions. Try RXBars Protein Bars for a grain free, higher protein option, KIND Fruit and Nut Bars for gluten free recipients, or Made Good Granola Bars for anyone with a nut allergy or sensitivity.


A sampler of herbal teas or a tin of ceremonial grade matcha are sure to be appreciated by anyone who enjoys curling up with a warm beverage. You can find assorted herbal teas designed to support digestion, immunity, energy, and sleep. Black and green teas, like matcha, are rich in antioxidants that have been linked to anti-aging benefits, weight loss, and enhanced protection against some chronic diseases.

CHOMPS Pepperoni Seasoned Turkey

CHOMPS Pepperoni Seasoned Turkey meat sticks are a healthier alternative to other shelf-stable pepperoni and sausage products often gifted during the holidays. They’re made with free range turkey, flavored with real spices, including chili pepper, oregano, garlic powder and fennel seed, and free of added sugars, chemical preservatives, and added nitrates and nitrites.

Filling your loved ones’ stockings with snacks that fit their lifestyle and dietary preferences is a thoughtful way to support healthy habits and show you care.


Bookmark this list of stocking stuffer snack ideas for the healthy snack lovers in your life and visit the CHOMPS online store for even more stocking-friendly snack ideas.

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