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What Are the Best Times of Day for Paleo Snacks & Meals?

Written by Peter Maldonado on March 28, 2017


The Paleo Diet invites you to eat like your Paleolithic hunter-gatherer ancestors did over 10,000 years ago, long before society put down roots and became agricultural. It’s based on an eating regimen of whole, unprocessed foods like meats, poultry, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, healthy fats and seeds. The Paleo Diet’s “don’t eat” list consists of refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, dairy, grains, and legumes.

What Are the Best Times of Day for Paleo Snacks & Meals?

When to Eat & When Not to Eat
For Paleo dieters, when and how often to eat is just as important as what to eat. The Paleo program encourages the traditional three meals a day regimen—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—with room for an occasional snack. Instead of grazing throughout the day on five or six mini- meals, as some diets recommend, it has been proven that people who eat fewer, larger meals have lower blood glucose levels on average. Dinners should be eaten no later than 6-7pm.

Eating less frequently has been shown to increase the feeling of fullness or satiety and reduce hunger and cravings.

The typical 4-6 hours between breakfast, lunch and dinner give your body time to “fast” without having to digest more food. Eating less frequently has been shown to improve the feeling of fullness or satiety and reduce hunger and cravings compared to eating more frequent meals.

Paleo Snacks

Most people on a diet regimen like the Paleo diet do their best to follow the program’s guidelines regarding what to eat and when to eat, but sometimes life gets in the way. A meeting lasts through lunchtime. An important deadline forces you to work two hours late. Or you’re driving to an out-of-town appointment, and you’re stuck for hours on the interstate. There are times when you’ll need a healthy snack to carry you to the next meal. The problem is easily solved with healthy Paleo snacks like hard-boiled eggs, fruit, baby carrots, and a paleo jerky beef snack like Chomps Natural Beef Sticks. Chomps is Non-GMO Project Verified, too.

Remember that paleo dieters eat whole, unprocessed foods which retain their vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

Paleo Meals Are Nutrient-Rich

Remember that paleo dieters eat whole, unprocessed foods which retain their vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, thus delivering the nutrition needed for energy and health. This point can’t be over-emphasized. In contrast to a typical fast-food meal of cheeseburger, fFrench fries, soda, and apple pie, a Paleo meal of steak, broccoli, sweet potato, and blueberries delivers healthy portions of beef, veggie, carb-dense veggie, and fruit.

Fasting Between Meals

Eating three Paleo meals a day with no snacks in between provides a natural fast of 4-6 hours between the meals that encourages fat metabolism. Carbs metabolize first, and fat metabolizes next.

Of course, the longest and most important fast occurs at night between dinner and breakfast the next morning. If you finish dinner no later than 7:00 pm and eat breakfast no earlier than 7:00 am, your body will fast for 12 hours. The fast allows your body to take care of many important functions such as: a) resets your fat metabolism; b) allows your body to efficiently process the nutrients you’ve consumed during the day, and c) processes and prepares toxins for release through sweat and urine.

Chomps Natural Beef Sticks

Made from 100% grass-fed non-GMO Angus beef, Chomps Natural Beef Sticks are Non-GMO Project Verified, Whole30 approved, and paleo-diet friendly. As healthy travel snacks and gluten-free paleo snacks for every day, Chomps is the perfect complement to an on-the-go lifestyle. Chomps are enhanced with the down-home flavors of farm-fresh ingredients and preserved with natural celery juice. Instead of tasting like those tough-to-chew unhealthy jerky brands in supermarkets, Chomps are tender, flavorful, juicy, and free of gluten, soy, hormones, antibiotics, dairy, and MSG. “Shop the butterfly” and keep your family safe.

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