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CPG Founders Launch ‘CHOMPCAST’ To Share Learnings and Advice With Small Business Owners

Written by Addie Martanovic on July 08, 2022


The Series Marks Chomps’ Entry Into The Web 3 Community, by Rewarding POAPs to Their Audience


Big news! Your favorite meat snack brand - Chomps - is launching a new series on Twitter Spaces called Chompcast, which entails 15-30 minute ‘fireside chats’ with industry leaders, hosted by Chomps Founders, Pete Maldonado and Rashid Ali. Together, they’ll be sharing valuable insights, learnings, advice and anecdotes with aspiring and current business owners, and longtime Chomps fans.

“Our goal is to support all up-and-coming entrepreneurs with valuable lessons from the veteran executives within our network and beyond,” said Chomps CEO & Co-Founder, Pete Maldonado. “We’ll be ready to answer questions about the brand, help entrepreneurs who are building their own,and also highlight the positive initiatives that are happening across the globe.”

At this point, you might be wondering, “where do POAPs fit into this?” Let us explain…

  • POAPs are NFTs. Short for "Proof of Attendance Protocol," P.O.A.P. is the platform and infrastructure that enables the creation and storage of memories by POAP issuers and POAP collectors. (source)

  • Distribution of the Chompcast POAP is only for those who tune in and wait for the “Secret word” to be announced! A member of the Chomps team will provide you with clear directions and the secret word during the stream, so keep your ears open!

  • Web 3 isn’t just for big tech! Here at Chomps, we feel that there is room for all of us to play in this virtual world, and POAPs are our way of dipping our toes into the pool, while also providing our community with some awesome perks for joining us for the ride.

  • Traditionally, we have awarded our most loyal consumers with “points” through our loyalty program for purchasing Chomps. With Chompcast, we are adding a new approach to that and awarding them for attending our podcasts and events on top of purchasing our product! Our POAP holders will get exclusive perks like: exclusive Chomps apparel, surprise packages, early access to new flavors, VIP access to workout classes hosted by Chomps, raffle access to our giveaways and more! Our POAP holders will always be our priority. The only way to claim POAPs will be to tune in live to our podcast and claim them on the spot.


poaps 2

Chompcast is kicking off this month, and we’ve got an incredible line up of CEOs and CPG experts ready to spill their guts with all of you, with the hope that you’ll walk away a little wiser, and more prepared for your entrepreneurial journey.

Don’t worry if you miss the live stream on Twitter, because the series will also be shared out on Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, so you’ll have ample opportunities to stay in the know!

Keep your eyes peeled for the latest from Chompcast over on our Instagram @chomps, and subscribe to our e-newsletter here for updates straight to your inbox.

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