burrito bowl

Whole30 Burrito Bowls

Written by Addie Martanovic on September 08, 2022


This #Whole30 approved burrito bowl is what's for lunch most days when we're craving tacos and completing a Whole30. We love that it has a bit of spice from the fresh jalapeños and is packed with protein from our Original Beef Chomps. If you're trying to make a dish that requires minimal effort with maximum taste, this one is for you. 


burrito bowl


  • 2 jalapeños
  • 3 Original Beef Chomps Sticks
  • 2 tsp olive oil  
  • Shredded romaine
  • Roasted red peppers
  • 1 large white onion, thinly sliced
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • Jalapeño cashew “sour crema” 
    • 1 cup of cashews, soaked for at least 1 hr and then drained and rinsed
    • ½ cup water 
    • 1 garlic clove
    • 1 tbsp lemon juice
    • 1 tbsp white vinegar
    • ½ tsp dijon 
    • ¼ tsp of onion powder 
  • Avocado slices 
  • Homemade or store-bought salsa (with no sugar)  
  • Cilantro


  1. First, start off my chopping up the 3 Original Beef Chomps Sticks and sauté for 5 minutes with 2 sliced jalapenos. 

  2. Make your bowl by adding shredded romaine to the bottom, top with roasted red peppers (you can roast or sauté these), then sauté one large thinly sliced white onion separately in a sauté pan with oil, salt and pepper. Set aside to cool before adding on the peppers and onions. 

  3. Then make your cashew crema. Combine all ingredients and blend. Set aside. 

  4. After you top the bowl with peppers, onions, avocado slices, and the sauteed chomps and jalapenos - add on top of the romaine bowl. Drizzle with cashew crema and top with salsa. 

  5. Lastly, top with cilantro for a garnish. Enjoy!

    burrito bowl

    Photos by Kaitlin Yocom

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