how to cook spaghetti squash

Creamy Spaghetti Squash

Written by Addie Martanovic on October 18, 2021


Photos and Recipe By: Kayla Breeden, Kayla’s Kitch and Fix

how to cook spaghetti squash


1 spaghetti squash
2 CHOMPS sticks of choice
1 cup chopped spinach
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 leek
½ squeeze of fresh lemon
1 ½ cups full fat coconut milk
¼ cup nutritional yeast
2 tbsp tapioca starch
1 tbsp water
1 tbsp avocado oil, ghee or olive oil
salt & pepper, to taste

spaghetti squash recipe


  1. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees.

  2. Slice your spaghetti squash in half and scoop out the seeds. Place both halves face down in a cake pan with water covering the bottom of the pan/squash and bake for 30 minutes. This process steams the squash and makes it easy to make “noodles” later!

  3. When then squash has 10 minutes left in the oven, add minced garlic and chopped leeks with oil or ghee to a skillet on the stove on med/low heat. Sauté for a few minutes until fragrant and slightly softened.

  4. Pour in your coconut milk and lemon juice, then stir together being sure to get rid of all clumps. Your sauce will start to bubble and thicken while you take the spaghetti squash out of the oven.

  5. In a small bowl, whisk together your tapioca starch and water to form a thickening paste. Add this to your sauce and stir immediately. Note: if this forms any clumps in your sauce, turn up the heat slightly and continue to stir. They will go away!

  6. Stir in nutritional yeast until completely combined. Turn the stove heat down to low.

  7. Once the spaghetti squash is cool, scrape out the “noodles” with a fork and add to your skillet.
  1. Stir together and add in your chopped CHOMPS and spinach. Finish with salt and pepper to taste and top with (optional) fresh herbs.

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