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Food Allergy-Friendly Lunchboxes

Written by Addie Martanovic on April 13, 2022

lunch boxes

Ingredients for each lunch box:

  • #1 Lunch box: Sunflower butter and jelly sandwich with gluten-free bread, carrots, cucumbers, strawberries and Chomplings

  • #2 Lunch box: Gluten-free wrap with turkey meat, tomato, lettuce, honey mustard, gluten-free pretzels, hummus pack, Chomplings, grapes

  • #3 Lunch box: Chomps quesadilla (use a gluten-free tortilla and dairy-free cheese if you have food allergies!), cheese, Jalapeño Beef Chomps (1 stick sliced thinly), guacamole packet (wholly guacamole), salsa, plantain chips, raw red peppers, tomatoes and Chomplings


  1. Gather all of your ingredients and create each lunchbox above. We recommend using lunchboxes with compartments These are great lunch options for when you want to create food allergy friendly meals for your kids or even for yourself, working from home or heading into the office.


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Photos by Kaitlin Yocom

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