Hosting Brunch with a Bloody Mary Bar

Hosting Brunch with a Bloody Mary Bar

Written by Addie Martanovic on February 08, 2023


When it comes to hosting brunch, we love adding a fun and festive cocktail (or mocktail) to the menu to pair with the main dish. If your main dish includes a quiche (such as this one), trust us when we say you'll love a Chomps approved bloody mary to go along with it. A bloody mary bar is even better especially when you can mix and match your Chomps flavors (our Jalapeño Beef Chomps would be an amazing addition to your next bloody mary). 

Ingredients You'll Want For Your Bloody Mary

  • 6 cups of tomato juice
  • 3 tbsp horseradish
  • 3 tbsp worcestershire sauce
  • 2 tsp celery salt
  • 3 tsp garlic salt
  • Tabasco sauce / hot sauce
  • Vodka

Garnishes You'll Want For A Bloody Mary Bar

  • Blue cheese olives
  • Pickled green beans or asparagus
  • Pickled beets
  • Pepperoncinis 
  • Cubed cheese (sharp cheddar, etc) 
  • 2-3 Original Beef Chomps (1 for each glass) 
  • Pickles

bloody mary

How to Prepare Your Bloody Mary:

  1. Mix the tomato juice, horseradish, worcestershire sauce, celery salt, garlic salt and black pepper in a large pitcher. Season with a few shakes of Tobasco or Hot sauce. Refrigerate for about 1 hour.

  2. For each drink, salt each rim by dipping glass in a bit of water or lime juice. Then dip in salt and twist. Fill an 8oz glass with ice, add a shot of vodka and then the bloody mary mix. 

  3. Garnish with a Chomps, parsley, and whatever fun toppings you want. Serve and enjoy! 


bloody mary bar


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